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Choto Cheeta

Well Sony range Starts from 13k Hi8 type cams to even 3 lakhs of 3ccd types...

whats ur usage... for occational usage with limited budget MiniDV 28k - 35k would be a good idea and if u have a healthy budget then surelly 55k+ Hard Drive based Cams are the best to go for...

but personally i would suggest u to avoide DVD based Cams...


If your video projects are mainly going to be home videos and footage shot on vacation and stuff - the kind of video cam usage generally shown in TV advertisements - and you're prepared to shell out somewhere around Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 35,000/-... go for the MiniDV based camcorders. Brands are aplenty, so spend some time in showrooms and outlets and make your decision.

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Thanks for the reply


Good 2 know that u guys suggested not to buy dvd type Handycams

because i thougt i would go for one

But now its just for home use so i think i will go for dv type itself which may range between 15k-30k

Any suggestions any brands in particular


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