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  1. T

    Strange ram behavior

    I bought a zion xtreme 8gb ddr3 today.. The pc booted normally everything fine. Problem started when i tried to install highly compressed game repack. It returned checksum error immediately.but my older 4 gb ram is giving no such problems. I m out of options. Even after pairing 8 and 4 gb same...
  2. Lord073

    CMOS Checksum Error - Deafaults Loaded...Help

    I am getting the CMOS Checksum Error since yesterday morning. It occurs everytime I switch on my PC. Also since the past couple of months my system date and time are displayed incorrectly everytime the PC is turned on after a long duration. Has the CMOS battery depleted? My PC is just 1 year...
  3. I

    CMOS bad checksum problem in window startup

    when i swithon my PC. it shows black screen with following message: CMOS checksum bad CMOS Date/time is not set press F1 to run setup can anybody tell me what is the problem. thanks in advance.
  4. C

    bios rom checksum error

    i have a luckystar P4VAS+ mother board which having award bios have a problem indicating " biosrom checksum error" after booting the computer display on the schreen is as following :- award bootlock bios v1.0 biosrom checksum error detecting floppy drive A media........ drive a error ...
  5. dare_devil

    CMOS checksum bad??

    whenever my pc starts, i get following error before windows boots, cmos checksum bad press f4 to go to setup can any one tell me what is wrong??
  6. C

    checksum error

    hey guys i need some help... when i boot up my pc it says "CMOS checksum error.defaults loaded. press F1 to continue and DEL to enter setup". i press F1 and it boots normally. what does the error mean and how serious is it?
  7. ComputerUser

    CMOS problem...

    When I start my computer, it displays "CMOS/GPNV CHECKSUM BAD". What is the meaning?
  8. T

    CPU Checksum Error Message!!!

    Hi guys, when i start my computer the monitor shows the warning " CPU checksum Error. CMOS default loaded" and it always sets my PC date to the the first date of the year i have had bought my PC. Pls help me out. My PC is working properly but each time i have to set the date.
  9. aku

    Checksum for Slackware 11.0

    Hi, yesterday a friend of mine gave me a slackware 11.0 installation dvd. i was planning to install it right now but i fear the media might be faulty... i can see a few scratches.. so i was wondering if i can check the media b4 i start the installation. any kinda help wud b highly appritiated...
  10. O

    how to repair winrar files

    hi friends, i have a simple problem here. i downloaded some files from internet that have the extension .r00 .r01 and so on. but some of these files are corrupted. i try to repair them using winrar repair facility but it says no recovery record found. i have there md5 checksum values with me...
  11. D

    Bios Checksum Error...

    When ever i boot my system i get the following error... Award Bios 1...... BIOS Checksum Error. Detecting Floppy disk drive... i am unable to alter my bios settings and boot my system. Can anybody tell the solution to this error?
  12. lahratla

    Couldn't update Spybot S&D 1.3

    I'm using WinXP+SP2. While trying to update Spybot Search & Destroy 1.3 by a dial-up connection, I can't update the Definition rules and Startup info. A "Bad Checksum" message appears in the info column and changing the server does not help. Please help.
  13. jay4u

    BIOS Checksum Error ...

    Hello, Whnever i start my system, after the POST routines i get an error message stating "BIOS checksum error, Press F4 to resume". And after pressing F4 i am taken to the BIOS menu where I have to do nothing. Just press Esc key and the system starts. Please if anyone...
  14. S

    Tricky problem: HDD issue?

    Hi, since yesterday my PC has stopped booting. It just stops/hangs after the POST. Its a P4 1.7 GHz, 256 SDRAM, nVidia GeForce 2MX400 64Mb 4x card, all this on VIA Chipset Mercury board . :( What could be the problem. there was a checksum error once, but after setting all the options...
  15. A


    CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR : ---------------------- Hey Friends, my friend has a problem. Whenever he restarts his PC he gets this error msg: 'CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR'. And he has to set the date to current which always is restored to the installation date. What could be the problem...
  16. T


    I have been using my system for last 4 years. It is a Celeron 633 on 810 motherboard with 192MB RAM. Last one week i noticed my computer clock going slow, after two or three days I got the message "CMOS Checksum Error Defaults Loaded" Press any key to continue. I changed the M/B Battery, but...
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