1. chandan3

    Crysis 2 cheats

    Where can i download cheat for crysis 2 or anybody give the cheats of crysis 2
  2. P


    anyone knows cheat code for this game?? its a mobile (java) version of The Sims 3 link HERE
  3. C

    Help with a Management Game

    Hi All I downloaded this Porn Manager , a management game (dont go by the title :-o folks, its a real fun game) and just wanted to check if anyone of you have ever played it and know the cheat codes for this one (darnnnnn gamers cant live without this habit of cheating) lolzzz Thanks Regards CV
  4. Krazzy Warrior

    GTA-SA Help Shooting While Driving

    I have completed 66 Missions in GTA-SA...[no cheat] There is a cheat "Toogle Full Weapon Aiming While Driving" which make CJ to look out from the car gate and so we can shot which any restriction...but i don't use cheat so I wanna know is there any way by which I can implement this in my game...
  5. H

    Remove the cheat from Half Life 2!!!

    I enabled 'God mode", cheat in Half life 2; however, even after bringing down the console by "~", & entering "sv_cheats 0", the God mode remains; I do not want this cheat anymore. Please help me to remove it.
  6. rohitshubham

    vice city help

    i had by mistake in vice city used the cheat in which everyone attacks me . now i am again entering the same cheat but the things are'nt getting fine.:confused: Please tell me what to do . i dont want to delete the save games
  7. chicha

    lost planet help

    i am at this level where i have to defet "the green eye" its the 6th chapter i think. now i am not able to do it and its driving me crazy, i read some walkthroughs but they are no help tried some trainers too. does this game have the old fashion cheat codes? how do i kill the damn thing?
  8. digitoman

    Need the Cheat Codes of Aveyond

    I need the cheat codes of the game Aveyond (Amarnath Games).I have searched the net but did not find the cheats. Help me plz.:confused:
  9. vamsi_krishna

    How may times and what is the way you have cheated a game

    Hello, Today, i want to know that, how many of the digit readers are cheating the games. So please participate in the poll in which you have to tell about, the ways you cheat the game.
  10. ComputerUser

    Need help with POP two thrones

    In the Dark Alley Level(where you have to jump from one wall to another and grab a dagger plate),I am not able to jump. I go to maximum of 2 jumps and the prince falls down.Is there any trick or cheat or something to jump more reliably? Also which of the keys are needed for the jumping? Only the...
  11. C

    Uplink Cheat Code

    Hey guys! I want the cheat code of the game uplink elite hackerv1.54 or 1.55 pls help me
  12. bikdel

    gta san andreas cheat?

    hey i ve searched the whole WORLD for this n found nothing....... can you guys do one thing?...... can u find a cheat in GTA SA to disable car and bike radios.... cuz every time i get in a car my pc slows down...all settings have been kept to its lowest....... pls nothing other than a hack...
  13. madmax_tt

    Does my vendor cheat me????

    i bought a new 512MB DDR2 DDR2 RAM 667Mhz. there is a label 512MB DDR2 667 DIMM 5-5-5 on the ram. but when i insert the ram and check it wit CPU-Z, it displayed as 333Mhz. my mothrbrd is MSI K9N NeoF with AMD ATHLON64 X2 3600+. does my vendor cheat me or does the displayed CPU-Z is incorrect???
  14. Gigacore

    Cheat Book 2007 is here 4 u!

    CheatBook-DataBase 2007 CheatBook-DataBase 2007 is a freeware "cheat-code tracker" that makes hints and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Sega, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, DVD, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, Xbox, XBox 360, Gamecube...

    how are cheat codes created for games

    i have been looking through out the net to learn how these cheat codes for the games are created or discovered ...... will some one please inlight me with their knowledge about it....... :!: it would be a honour to learn from u all thanks
  16. utsav

    give me some good batting cheats for cricket 2005

    i want some batting help can anyone give me some cheat codes
  17. P

    >> Where is the cheat???

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know where is the cheat "DIGIT PATRON" program... Does anybody herd has some info. It was scheduled to RE-start on 14 FEB, 2007... which is yet to appear on DIGIT Calender...
  18. N

    developer keys

    hw to apply cheat to hitman 2
  19. kool

    fantastic four (cheat code)

    Hey frnds.......... i want cheat code of these two games: FANTASTIC FOUR, SHREK-2 i've already searched on google, and but didn't get good cheatCode.So........ plzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzzz give me good cheat so i can play with full health and unlock all levels.
  20. max_demon

    Suggest a story for POP 4

    Suggest a story for POP 4 and :o suggest a new title for it eg. prince of persia The Next Dimention Story:after fighting with DP . DP captures him and Prince's Journy begins he had to fight with Dahaka again but now dahaka has new powers he has the ability of Invisible he can multiple himself...
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