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GTA-SA Help Shooting While Driving

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Krazzy Warrior

"Aal Izz Well"
I have completed 66 Missions in GTA-SA...[no cheat]

There is a cheat "Toogle Full Weapon Aiming While Driving" which make CJ to look out from the car gate and so we can shot which any restriction...but i don't use cheat so I wanna know is there any way by which I can implement this in my game (by upgrading skill etc. etc. ) then plz reply me with the guide that how to do that..

Hope I am clear...


A Year Closer To Heaven
I think I made it sufficiently clear that you and the other member had a pirated version of the game in the previous thread, because of which the thread was locked.

If you have any evidence pointing to the contrary, please present it so that the thread can be re-opened. Else it stays locked. If you try to open another thread in the meanwhile with queries / help / suggestions about a pirated game, severe action will be taken.
Not open for further replies.
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