1. $hadow

    HTC one M9 announced at MWC

    Source: This is the HTC One M9
  2. Nanducob

    Android Music Player Remote App

    Hi I have connected one android phone which i use to play music through my Music System/Speakers.I want to contol the songs(change songs and change volume) from another android phone. Is there an app for this ? Thanks
  3. T

    Is Corsair VS 450 is not safe for my rig?

    Hi, I am having a problem with my mobo. I posted the same in this forum in mobo section. One member replied that my PSU is not SAFE for my config. Really? My Config : MSI 790GX-G6 Mobo AMD Phenom II X4 955BE (120W tdp) Corsair Value RAM 2x 4GB (total...
  4. tanmaymohan

    Static IP on LAN network

    Hello guys I am trying to host a server (on 2k12) but my modem gives different IPs to all devices connected to my network(phones,pc,laptops,tablets) so I have to change my port forwading settings everytime to change the ip again and again.Is there a way to allocate static IP to LAN...
  5. channabasanna

    Suggestion Needed should i change the modem or is it an issue with BSNL.

    Hi Team, Currently i am using BSNL broadband from 2005. Recently i changed the BB plan to BB1475 (which is 4MBps upto 20GB later on 512kBps) from BB1100 (which was 2MBps upto 19GB later on 128kBps). But i am not seeing any difference in speed from previous plan. One of my colleague who stays...
  6. A

    [Q] Do I need to change HDD?

    I posted image below
  7. animes_d

    Help me to setup W8968 urgently

    Hi, I bought this TP link TD W8968 but I can't set up with my laptop. I bought it to make my floor wifi but it isn't happening. I have this local cable broadband connection which directly link with my laptop through lan, there is no modem but this product manual is showing to link it through...
  8. Subhankar Mondal

    can I change my xperia ray's camera ?

    I have a Sony xperia ray mobile. Recently the camera function is damaged. Picture is hazy now. Can I change only the camera of my mobile? :shock:
  9. Subhankar Mondal

    Can non-HD be HD?

    Is there any software which can change a non-HD video file to HD ? :lol:
  10. R

    How to access device with static IP address?

    At my work place my friend has a system with IP How can I access this system from my laptop connecting a lan cable. I probably have to change my IP to static, what about the default gateway and DNS server settings. Any advice would be helpful
  11. N

    Huawei Aircel 3G Dongle autodisconnecting

    Hello Digitians, I own a Aircel 3g dongle (Huawei software that manages the connections done thru it ) , the dongle is working fine , but the problem is that after a certain period of time sa 5 minutes or 10 minutes , the connection drops and i have again to open the soft and reconnect it...
  12. R

    Suggest a psu for the gaming rig

    Hi, I got a 290 tri-x with i5 2500K cooled by H100i. I am planning to overclock my rig and would love to change my existing PSU. Please suggest a PSU for the same, preferably with low fan noise. Budget- ~8K Regards, Rakesh
  13. gagan_kumar

    dell E5400 hard disk drivel internal short test failed

    ok i am receiving an error that my hard disk drive has failed when i run the diagnostics from dell......but the thing is the hard disk drive is really making a slight noticeable sound (periodic) and is heating up...... this is happening from last 2 years, till now its running fine i only have...
  14. AVSEQ

    Need suggestion for Motherboard and Cabinet

    So I'm going to upgrade my PC with Core i7 4770. Please suggest an ASUS motherboard for this processor. I'll mostly use my PC for playing latest games and running Visual Studio 2013. How about the Maximus VI motherboards (Gene, Hero etc.)? Are they any good? Also I'll change my cabinet. I have...

    Swapping DVD drive for an SSD on my lenovo

    hey all I'm going to upgrade my laptop a bit. I was planning to change my DVD drive(Which i never use) and add an extra SSD. My laptop config Lenovo E540.-15 inch-Win 8.1 Processor - i5 4rth gen 4200m Ram -2*4gb GPU - nvidia 745 m. Full hd Display. 500 gb HDD. so the plan is...
  16. Baker

    Connecting Monitor and keyboard to Laptop

    Guys am using 4 year old lenovo laptp , but now the LCD started flickering and it need to change. service center telling , need to replace both lcd and cable and it will cost some where around 10k. so i am thinking of buying a good monitor and keyboard , to get things work. questions...
  17. GamerSlayer

    Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks VMware

    So, guys. A couple of days ago, I just grew an interest towards mac and tried to run Mac OS X 10.9 on VMware(Windows 8). I had run Mac OS X 10.6 (I guess) Snow Leopard when I was on Windows 8. But unfortunately 10.9 on windows 8 did not work and kept on saying 'The CPU has been disabled by the...
  18. D

    how to change wallpaper for desktop in office pc

    in my office, users can login in their pc with administrator login and other user login. i use to login with my username and password. but the wallpaper for my username desktop is fixed. i m unable to change do i change the wallpaper for my username login as per my wish? i know...
  19. Revolution

    How to Change to from Local Google Search Engines in Google Chrome ?

    Please someone guide me! How can I change default search engine of Chrome to GOOGLE.COM from ? I tried to change from setting>search>manage search engine but not working. When ever i type at address bad its use instead
  20. D

    urgent lost

    is there anyway to recover galaxy s4. chances seem to be nil but in case someone finds it is it possible to track? can it be made untrackable by making some firmware change. it is currently showing switched off although my gps is turned on and it is locked with pin.
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