1. ankushkool

    Intrested in Networking - Need some guidance!

    I have completed my B.E. Electronics in 2009 and an interested in pursuing my career in networking. i am currently working with Vertex in the IT department. Now i want to know it i am on the right track, n what additional efforts should i put in? is it better 2 do CCNA or a Masters in computers...
  2. hoodiboy

    Cisco Certified Courses in Bangalore..

    Can any one pls tell me the best institutions in Bangalore where i can study CCNA and CCNP..???
  3. maddy_in65

    Default Need help choosing CCNA center in pune

    Guys i am thinking to complete CCNA certification. I have some doubts. What is the cost for the total course including certification exam. Any good coaching center in pune. I heard a lot about Seed infotech, how it is. What is the duration of the coruse. Thanks in advance.
  4. M

    need institutes in chennai for CCNA

    tell some good institutes in CHENNAI for CCNA
  5. crystalboi

    Need Help...CCNA!

    Hello everyone I have just completed my graduation (B.E.(CSE)). Now I want to do CCNA . But now CCNA can be done in three different fields- Security , Wireless & Voice. I basicaly have interest in first two. I would like to know which one is better and how are the job prospects related to them...
  6. A

    ccna details....plz

    i wanna join ccna bt i dnt knw the cource details...espcly fee,time duratn, nd the model of exam...enyone knws that plz post,,,....
  7. L

    Best (N+, MCSE & CCNA) institute/course

    Hi Friends... Whenever I have a tech query, this is where I always land up to find the answers. So here I am... I need to do a H/w and N/w course (N+, MCSE & CCNA). I've been doing a bit of running around and found the following institutes and their fees, benefits etc. Could someone...
  8. bharat_r

    need info abt CCNA certification

    I'd like to know a few things about CCNA. Do I need to attend classes to write the exam? if yes, how long will be the course duration? Or can I take up the exams on my own? Which institute is good for CCNA in Chennai? thanking you <-
  9. bozx

    Networking Assistance ( CCNA )

    Hiieeee guies..... i am thinking of studing CCNA but the problem lies that i dont hav sufficient info in this sector..... also the people arround cannot give. can u pls hel me out were to study , best place , furure scopes , ccna or mcse and other info u do have pls hellllppp.... :(
  10. S

    MCSE Help

    I will be doing MCSE & CCNA course, what is the salary that i can get in India after completing my course.
  11. rameeze

    where to get MCSE & CCNA ebooks?

    Hi Friends, Where can I get free ebooks for MCSE & CCNA .please give me links that offer free ebooks of computer,
  12. saqib_khan

    Some questions regarding CCNA

    Hi, I want to do CCNA. I m in Surat(Gujarat). I m somewhat puzzled abt from where should i do CCNA. Here there r 3 options IIHT, IHT & Jetking. So from where should i do?? I asked some person from IIHT & their fees is 9500 + taxes. I haven't asked the fees at jetking. I also want to...
  13. T

    plz Advice me

    hi plz advice me linux is better or ccna hi plz its urgent
  14. iMav


    Guys could ugive me some basic info regarding ccna certification as in: 1. Is there a course i should enroll for 2. Mumbai mein kaun aur kahan
  15. P

    abt ccna

    wats the scope of studying ccna in india and also suggest me some good study centre in chennai...
  16. sude

    help on ccna, mcse courses... SCOPE OF DOING SUCH COURSES

    dear users, i am currently studying BCA 2nd Sem in Bangalore. i have a great urge in knowing in-and-out of computers.... this apart i am thinking of doing advanced cources like ccna and mcse etc... i would like to know from you all the scope of such courses in india. forum members who are...
  17. amitava82

    CCNA MCSE tutorial video request

    hi, anyone of you guys have CCNA, MCSE video tutorial, simmulator etc? I'll pay for media, postage etc.. plz PM me if you have.
  18. V

    Need A Good N/w Simulator

    hi friends... i'm a CCNA holder.... i need a general purpose ( not like simulators dedicated for CCNA ) Network Simulator for all kinda learning purpose. i heard abt ns ( Network Simulator ) . i donno abt that. i think it may be for Unix. I need a GUI one for Windows.. Please suggest...
  19. O

    Finally , Passed Ccna With 987 !

    Great and deep thanks to all my brothers and friend in this great and extraordinary forum... francly, without god help and the people in this forum , i will not be able to pass the exam .. Thanks alot for you supporting and helping, and i really prey for all who help me and instrct me to the...
  20. H

    career in networking ??

    I have completed engineering in 'electronics & telecommunication' through K.J.Somaiya, vidhyavihar. now , i am completing -- A+, N+, CCNA, MCSA, RHCE courses through CMS institute, dadar. (only course not certifications) I want to make coureer in networking.i have decided to go for...
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