1. bubusam13

    CCNP query

    Hi My CCNA will expire on 6th Sep. I will apply for CCNP switch this month. Will my CCNA validity extend. Or I need to appear all the three exams ? Its a bit urgent... pls let me know.
  2. Skyh3ck

    B. com graduate with 9 year exp in business operation, is CCNA or moving to IT a good idea ??? help

    hello friends i am first class commerece graduate in the year 2004 from mumbai university, after my graduation i joined a computer institute as a trainer for office application, interenet, windows os and MSCIT courses. i worked for 2 year as a trainer later for more money i joined citigroup as...
  3. M

    Reg CCNA certification

    Hi All, I have done CCNA in 2006. Iam interested in doing cisco security now. should i renew CCNA and then go fr security? or i can security witiut CCNA security.. If i need to renew CCNA, could anyone share me the current updates...(how many papers, cost etc) Thanks in advance!!
  4. Shah

    Queries regarding CCNA and CCNP

    Well, I have joined B.E. (CSE) this year in a not-so-popular private college in my locality. I joined CSE because I love programming, AI, Ethical Hacking and stuffs. When it comes to Networking, I have zero knowledge about it. Now, the thing is, The students can do CCNA and CCNP from the campus...
  5. M

    Help me in finding my career path in networking

    Hi, i am mohan (24), i have done my masters in digital communication and passed out in 2012, basically i am never good at softwares or programming and moreover i screwed myself just thinking once i get my master degree i will join in any college as assitant professor as it pays more and...
  6. M

    ccna exam prepration

    CCNA exam can be given in two ways, in two parts ie. ICND1 and ICND2 or through a single exam. Does both has same values, if it is then i think it is better to be given in two parts as the load will be less and passing probability will increase. Can anyone kindly provide CCENT or CCNA dumps. My...
  7. 1

    Confused with what to do with my career

    Hi I am 35 yo & Bsc plain grad.I dont have a job right now.I am doing CCNA from NIIT .Is that right decision?
  8. C

    Will cloud effect network administration. ?

    Hi all, i had done my CCNA Routing and switching and working as a system admin in a small company. Will this experience help me in finding a job on CCNA ( My goal is CCIE R&S ) in coming future. And i heard that cloud computing and data centers will effect on network admin openings, is that...

    CCna in banglore

    im looking to do ccna from banglore next week. cud you suggest nice institution for the same.and also there is ccna,ccna voice and ccna security. which one it do u think have more job oppertunities.and is there any cloud certified courses provided by any institution in banglore? one more...
  10. C

    CCNA and CCNP

    I want to pursue CCNA and CCNP certifications. Currently working in IT support(web hosting support) field since 6 years. I have 3 year Comp Science & Soft Engg Diploma and 2 years BSC-IT degree. Can I go with local(Udupi, Karnataka) training institute lie IIHT or Jetking etc? I'm planning to...
  11. Anand_Tux

    CCNA institutes in Delhi

    I am a fresher right now and planning to do CCNA. Can you guys tell me the best institutes for CCNA in Delhi?
  12. S

    After CCNA.. CCNP or MCITP

    I have completed CCNA(not online certified;). Now I plan to go to higher level. My budget is limited. I have two options to choose 1. CCNP 2. MCITP(or MCSE) Please tell me your opinion. What will be the best combo with CCNA for getting a nice job ?
  13. S

    System administrator or Network Engineer ?

    Hello guys I need some career guidance from you. I will be completing my MCA next year, but I am very weak at programming and do not want to do career in it. I am very good at the desktop support and troubleshooting. (atleast this is what my friends say.) I want to make a career in...
  14. K

    Please Help me - CCNA or MCITP ?

    Hai, I finished B.E IN 2007 and after working in small organisation, now i resigned my job and doing Basic Hardware and networking ( A+ and N+), I initially i planned of doing CCNA, But today a friend of mine told me that there are many people finished CCNA & the job scope is less, So he...
  15. S

    CCNA vs Software engineering

    CCNA vs Software engineering Please compare them in terms of job vacancies present and future...
  16. S

    Diploma + CCNA + CCNP + More ??

    Hi I am in my final year diploma and in final year i will get around 76% agg. But for final year, atlteast 85% are min to get god admission in college or we need to pay like 5+ lac just for donation :shock: So, what if i do some other choice instead of degree. Diploma + CCNA + CCNP +...
  17. S


    Friends, I am doing final year MCA. But I don't have any self confidence to go for a job based on SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. I am good with computers & internet. But little afraid of PROGRAMMING. I need advices to make a slight deviation in my carrier. So please suggest me what should I do ? I need...
  18. A

    CCNA +CCNP.. Good for future or not?

    Hey guys... i am in a fix.. I am in last semester of my MCA... N we have to go for 6 months industrial training.. nd a project too... I was thinking of going into the networking field ( i am not that good in coding nd not even interested).. So i planned to do CCNA and then CCNP.. I want to...
  19. V

    B.Tech ECE fresher - Further options in Networking field

    I am a B.Tech ECE 2010 passout with 67% from Calicut University, Kerala. Since I am extremely poor in programming, I would prefer the networking domain. Please suggest me on good courses like CCNA, RHCE and the best places to study them. Also please tell me the job oppurtunities.
  20. T

    help about NETWORK job

    Please help me on the dilema i am in. I have done mca and working as a contractual teacher of computer in a school. I have trainning in ccna and mcse.I have not done my global certification. How I should proceed for having a successfull carier.
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