CCna in banglore

im looking to do ccna from banglore next week.
cud you suggest nice institution for the same.and also there is ccna,ccna voice and ccna security.
which one it do u think have more job oppertunities.and is there any cloud certified courses provided by any institution in banglore?

one more which 3g mobile service would u suggest in banglore for skype calling from my live with walkman and also playing league of legends on my laptop via usb tethering




In Bangalore ACIT is one of the best institute for CCNA Training.

ACIT provide CISCO courses training like, CCNA, CCIE, CCNP, MCITP, CCIP, CEH.

CCNA, CCIE, CCNP with R&S, Voice and Security.

I would recommend you to apply for global CCNA certification because CCNA from local institute doesn’t have enough value in market. I am not saying it’s not worthy; it is of course! But if you are looking ahead for carrier or job prospective then go for global exam.


^^CCNA is a Cisco proprietary certification. Institutes give you the coaching to face the exam. The exam that you answer earns you a certificate from Cisco & not from the institute you study in.
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