Confused with what to do with my career


Right off the assembly line
I am 35 yo & Bsc plain grad.I dont have a job right now.I am doing CCNA from NIIT .Is that right decision?


Broken In
I've dealt with these decisions before and helped some of my friends out.
The most important thing you need to consider is: What is it that YOU want to do for the rest of your life?

Don't be a sheep and go by market trends about which career has or is going to have the most jobs available. Trends and Statistics mean nothing to an individual. There are always going to be jobs available in all the careers, sometimes more sometimes less, and as long as you are in a field because it is your passion, you are going to be the better candidate than the other person.

Following trends is actually harmful because majority of the people are going to be following them, increasing the supply compared to the demand, which is exactly what happened with CS/IT and is soon going to happen with EC.
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