1. meetdilip

    Chromecast 2 issues

    Moto E3 Power is not able to cast anything other than YouTube to Chromecast 2. I have Google Home app installed, but when I try to cast anything other than through YouTube, apps hang. I have to restart the phone to make anything work again. Any way to fix it ?
  2. lywyre

    [Help Request] Screen mirror/ cast with Sony Bravia 40CX520

    I am trying to cast/ mirror from my mobile to 40cx520 Sony Bravia tv. This TV did not have inbuilt WiFi, I am using Sony WiFi dongle for the same. I have paired my mobile with the TV. I tried some YouTube videos. But I cannot find the screen mirroring option in the input options of the TV...
  3. omega44-xt

    Software needed for online Radio

    I need softwares for recording audio & transmitting it. I know about Sam Broadcast for recording & Ice Cast for transmission. In my college, each hostel has internet connectivity through LAN, but with different IP address. So I want to start a online radio. Any ideas n suggestions? Also...
  4. gautam_dey66

    Need For Speed The Movie

    I've just find out about it, that Disney is tying up with EA, and they will be releasing Need For Speed The Movie in the year 2014. No news on the cast or crew. Please Google it and stay updated on this.
  5. M

    An ultra compact microphone for iOS devices, iRig MIC Cast

    iRig MIC Cast, the new ultra-compact microphone announced by IK Multimedia is expected to offer users a more enriched audio experience with iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is basically a pocket-sized unidirectional condenser draped with plastic frame. This condenser has the ability to...
  6. furious_gamer

    Best Cricket Game [PC]

    Title says, cast your vote. I recently played the Cricket Revolution game by Mindstorm studios and TBF it's one of the best cricket game i've ever played. Leaving aside the small hiccups in graphics, this game has the best stoke play for a cricket game. P.S : Cast the vote only if you've...
  7. P

    Is Asus M4A785D-M Board is better than Asus M4A785-M

    Hi All! Please tell me which one is better among ASUS M4A785D-M PRO adn GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2 Please cast your vote and tell your opinion Thanks
  8. the.kaushik

    Need a good Screen Cast software!

    Hi all, I need a very good screen cast software. Tried some free ware but of not good standard. Also there was no way to save them in .avi format.. These freewares only saves them in flash format but when i convert them to avi they don't give me the result i want. I need it for industrial...
  9. ::cyborg::


    hi guys, so cast ur vote
  10. Voldy

    Dragonball movie related news

    Hello friends i got some news frm a few sites which have the latest pics frm the sets of live action Dragonball movie and news related to Movie cast .In the movie four more actors has joined the cast and they r Emmy Rossum (girl frm the day after tommorow) for Bulma ,Heroes" actress Eriko Tamura...
  11. the.kaushik

    WebCast any idea is welcom

    guys i need to do a web cast from my friends pc. He will demonstrate some tutorial and we need to access throughout internet. Basically a office purpose and those guys need help. They don't have static ip.(As i thought its required) Any idea you guys can give? The web cast will be for 1hr...
  12. desiibond

    LG Voyager: This is what we can call a good touch phone

    coming in November The LG Voyager features a large touchscreen on the front with haptic feedback, giving users a small vibration when they touch a button. This messaging-centric phone flips open like a laptop to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. The LG Voyager is exclusive to Verizon Wireless and...
  13. dd_wingrider

    " The stainless steel Mouse"

    Hey jus found this amazing peace of work by a russian, He is the administrator of a site called Jus look at the steps he took make this stainless mouse, truly amazing. Words by him: 1.My mouse mod was based on Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical, USB+PS/2 2 More than 90 per cent...
  14. cooldip10

    PC TV Card

    My friend's planning to buy a Tv Tuner Card for his desktop so as to watch TV programs on it.. I'm having Compro Video Mate, But not appealing too much for him. So please cast a vote so as to get an Undisputed winner between the companies.... :)
  15. T

    apoll for web developers

    well cast ur poll, but also add ur comments
  16. T

    to all web developers and/or OOP programmers

    well, cast ur vote
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