An ultra compact microphone for iOS devices, iRig MIC Cast

Mayur Parmar

Right off the assembly line

iRig MIC Cast, the new ultra-compact microphone announced by IK Multimedia is expected to offer users a more enriched audio experience with iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is basically a pocket-sized unidirectional condenser draped with plastic frame. This condenser has the ability to isolate audio source and can yield better sound compared to an integrated microphone.

Like all other iOS accessories, iRig MIC Cast is also a Plug and Play peripheral device. As it has an ultra compact profile, it will easily fit into pocket, computer bag or briefcase while travelling.

iRig MIC Cast can facilitate crystal clear aural quality for various audio applications like podcasting, video calls, videos, music etc. with its tight pick up pattern. This feature will minimize the background signals and let the users enjoy the sound without any extraneous noise.

Dual gain settings are another noteworthy feature which will enable the users to adjust the settings according to the audio source while recording. For example, users can record the interview and class in a lecture hall both with same clarity by just adjusting the settings.

Stereo mini-jack headphone of iRig MIC Cast can help you to confirm whether recording is fine. Its Bumper-friendly mini-jack connector has the capability to easily fit with the touch cases of iOS devices. iRig MIC Cast kit has got an adjustable desk top stand coming along with it. This stand can be used for better touch positioning of iPhone/iPad while recording a voice.

iRig Recorder and VocaLive are the two free apps available for iRig MIC Cast by which the users can extend its remarkable capabilities. iRig Recorder can be used for general purposes like voice recording or editing where as VocaLive is useful for processing vocal tracks having high intensity. VocaLive app is much suitable for singers, as it has multi-effects processing capability too. Both of these applications will be apt for Face Time and Skype chats via iOS devices.

iRig MIC Cast will be available through music or electronic retailers all over the world shortly with a price tag of around Rs. 2,000/-.
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