1. mandarpalshikar

    No CAP (Catalyst Application Profiles) available

    Guys, I am downloading AMD drivers after many days. Have they now included CAPs in the driver itself? I don't find any CAP link at the latest driver download site Desktop
  2. P

    I lost Camera lense cap Where can i get one(panasonic FZ 150)?

    I know it sounds stupid but i lost my lens camera cap. Any good place where i can get it? I have Panasonic FZ 150. Is lens cap universal or i need to get Panasonic only. I searched the net and i got one for 12 $ i mean its so expensive considering courier charges. 12$ for a plastic thing...
  3. Anorion

    Twinking - how to have fun in almost any mmo

    mmos are a grind, they soon get repetetive and boring, and most people tend to stop playing as soon as they cap a few chars the end game is always criticized for being updated too infrequently, so what is it that you can do in this digital environment the answer is twinking, playing mmos...
  4. N

    Completed Rage "accidently"

    I completed the last mission of Rage, i.e, the Capital Prime one (I didn't even know it was the last!) and now the game has ended but have tons of mission and side missions left to do! I can't go back...I have two save files, one just before activating the final switch in Cap Prime, and the...
  5. R

    Broke Buisness Man nabbed while trying to rob ATM : Delhi

    NEW DELHI: Had it not been for two smart Delhi Police beat officers, another city ATM would have been robbed early Saturday morning. This time, by a young Rohini businessman who had geared himself to the hilt and set out to rob an ATM in the neighbourhood. The motive, investigators said, was to...
  6. K

    HELP with Corsair RMA!!! PLZZ!!

    I brought a Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16GB from SMC International, Nehru Place some 15 days ago. When i unpacked it and opened the cap, the USB head came out with the cap itself stuck inside it, i.e., it was broken from its body. (Probably a manufacturing defect). So, I went back to SMC...
  7. B

    MSI Military class Contest

    FILL IN MSI MILITARY CLASS QUESTIONNAIRE to WIN THE BIG PRIZE! Global-renowned graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, MSI, officially launched its “MSI Military Class Q&A” online campaign at , to introduce the establishment of MSI’s higher standard in product...
  8. banskt

    ISP in Bangalore

    Hi, I live in Yeshwantpur, Bangalore. I am using a BSNL Unlimited Combo Plan 1499. But I am facing certain difficulties: a) The LAN ports of the modem is not working b) Though mentioned unlimited, there is a catch :::: there is a bandwidth cap of 25GB beyond which the speed reduces to...
  9. paroh

    Mtnl 3G unlimited* crap

    Mtnl 3G unlimited* crap Free Data Usage Unlimited* (But with *crap) *with 10GB data download per month , fair usage cap (I think they should use crap instead of cap)
  10. dashang

    About Degree Admission Process [URGENT]

    1] I have heard something as CAP rounds for admission. Earlier we just used to fill out forms and look out for name in list. But now it seems that we have to give entrance exams I DONT KNOW WHAT IS CAP ROUND. AND I HAVE PASSED DIPLOMA IN IT AND I DONT KNOW WHAT IS CAP ROUND ?? AND HOW...
  11. L

    Come see himesh without a cap!

    Now what do you think? :D
  12. esumitkumar

    Himesh removes his cap !!!

    More at he he he :D :D :D
  13. manas

    Cap Internet Connection Speed

    Is there any way I can reduce the speed of internet connection of my computer ? I mean, globally reduce the speed.My max speed is 30 KBps.I want to cap it at something around 15KBps ...
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