1. bestpain

    Negative Experience bad service of flipkart

    i was successful to add leeco le 2 mobile(flash sale )to my cart and made the payment through debit card and my order was also processed. after one hour i received a message saying my order has been cancelled and the refund has been initiated. i am totally frustrated with flipkart . i...
  2. Cyberghost

    Negative Experience Amazon India Fake Return Policy!!!

    I ordered a Targus laptop backpack from Amazon India on September 27th 2015 and I received my item on Sep 29th. I found out that this Backpack is too small to carry my laptop, so I decided to return the product to Amazon. I initiated a return process on Amazon so they could collect my item on...
  3. sling-shot

    Discussion: watch thread

    We have a thread watching Flipkart and is useful. Similarly this thread for watching which in my view is a good alternative to Flipkart. ----------------- At the outset I would like to say that to-date I have ordered 3 items from and the experience is as follows ...
  4. nac

    What happened to Mozilla?

    The latest build really sucks... For the past few weeks there is no option to pause the file downloading using videodownloadhelper plugin. Now, downloading file is not showing. Have to view them in history. No option to see the progress of download. Out of frustration I cancelled the download by...
  5. K

    External Hard Disk got corupted.

    :cry: Hey everyone i have an External Hard Disk of Western Digital of about 2 TB and i have got a problem also. Today [13/05/2012] when i was copying a game from my friend computer it was not copying then i cancelled it and i eject my hard disk from his computer but when i again connected my...
  6. P

    OT(?): SMC order cancellation policy

    I've heard of SMC Intnl before but haven't dealt with them yet. On doing a trial checkout at their site, I came across their note saying that orders can be cancelled within two weeks of placing the order. This has me puzzled. What happens during those two weeks if the order is NOT cancelled...
  7. R

    Win 32 trojan

    I recently had given my pendrive to one of my friends.The problem is that i got back my pendrive with some Malware.VBS which is becoming quite pesky and irritating.The following are few of the Problems i am facing 1)I am not able to run Regedit,MSconifig etc.A window appears for a split second...
  8. krates

    Sony Ericsson P5 and G702 are cancelled, for real

    read more here
  9. himtuna

    Live vs Google App :DNS management

    Yes, Its bit confusing what if I register my site both at Google Apps and Windows Live Custom Domains....... I know its all going to mess up so which one is better Google or Live?? ( I have cancelled my domain at Live, will this mean that in future they will ban me to do so)
  10. G

    Administrative Problem

    Unknowingly i disable some options in gpedit.msc so it restrict many permissions eventhough it is logged in Administrative power it shows the message "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator" .. so please help me
  11. abhi_10_20

    IE not working.

    My internet explorer is not working. But the other browsers are working fine. What may be the problem?(every time i type a URL, it gives the "action cancelled" page). I have checked with all the settings and connections.
  12. L

    How to get rid of systemfile checker???

    I have winxp and one time i have started a system file checker to scan my file's and suddenly i have cancelled it..And know when ever i restart my pc it come's again and how to stop it....
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