1. Ricky

    Negative Experience They charge 10% as restocking fee on cancellation (even before shipping)

    I have made lots of online purchases, almost from all famous online stores, however this time I was looking to try infibeam, so I made a purchase there as thing I was looking was available for some discount. I made payment through netbanking, all good as I prefer to pay in Advance because COD...
  2. D

    GTX 970 false specs

    AnandTech | GeForce GTX 970: Correcting The Specs & Exploring Memory Allocation My GTX 970 will be delivered in next 5-6 days. I can still cancel the order. Should I cancel the order? I would like to play Witcher 3.
  3. 6Diablo9

    [URGENT]How do I cancel my order on EBay?

    I had ordered a tablet on Ebay. But I'm in need of money right now and I'm planing to cancel the order. Can anyone tell me the procedure to cancel it and how much is cancellation fee? The price of tablet is 6500/-(might have to pay customs as the tablet is coming from Hong Kong). I had ordered...
  4. toad_frog09

    6850 vs 560

    Two days ago I ordered SAPPHIRE Vapor-X HD 6850 from Primeabgb at a discounted price of rs 10460 shipping included. Today I noticed a better deal MSI 560GTX on itwares at rupees 10800. The Sapphire one will arrive maybe tomorrow or on Monday (7th or 9th of July) What I wanted to ask was...
  5. kool

    What is the best site for Air Tickets? Procedure for cancellation ?

    Hi guys, I've never traveled via flight before. So want to know so many things about Domestic Flights. I want to book cheapest 2-way return ticket from Patna-Bangalore on 2nd-8th Feb 2012. There so many sites like goibibo, makemytrip, cleartrip, ezeego etc offering discounts and cashback...
  6. A

    How to cancel order on SMC International

    How can I cancel order on SMC International?I havent paid the money,but I cant find any links to cancel a order.Currently my order is pending
  7. TSPatange_1309

    Change the CHKDSK countdown time

    When you schedule CHKDSK to run at the next boot, the system will prompt you to press a key to cancel the operation while CHKDSK is running. :shock::shock: The system will display a countdown during that cancel period. The default value is 10 seconds. To Change this open up Regedit and...
  8. M

    Error Code Win XP :1706

    I get message that"Please wait while windows got scanner copy" since last 2-3 month after virus cleaning. i have to cancel it manually each time when i restart my PC.. how to fix it..? I have enclosed its Snapshot attachment.. Pls. help..
  9. leo61611616

    Cancel A Friend Request On Facebook

    Facebook has added a new feature which enables you to cancel any friend requests you have sent, if you want. To do so, just visit the user’s profile whom you have requested to be your friend. There click on the “X” next to the awaiting conformation text and the request will be cancelled...
  10. L

    spyware or virus?

    i hav this problem whenever i connect an external memory device such as a pendrive,memory cards...a dialog box pops up.this dialog box can never be does not let the other programs to be run unless the cancel retry or exit button is clicked.i scan the system with mcafee security but does...
  11. sravan

    unknown installer

    I am using windows xp sp2. Whenever I try to open a folder or IE or MY computer , a installer window titled smartwebprintingOC appears and try to install something .Then it asks for location of installer files. I have to click cancel 2 times always and only then any folder or my computer...
  12. B

    MS Office problem

    Hi I had installed MS Office 2007 Trial, after a few days I uninstall it and Install Office 2003 Professional, but everytime I start any office application it starts searching for the office 2007 setup files, and I need to click on cancel 4-5 times. Please let em know how to resolve this issue.
  13. mak1012

    managing compiz

    hello friends, i'm using xubuntu desktop. here when i typed compiz on terminal it started working but now i'm not able to minimize ne window and even i'm not able to c ne window icon like cancel, maximize and minimize. please help me as soon as possible.
  14. gandip

    right click problem!!!!

    I am using symantec antivirus corporate edition.I recentely installed photoshop 10.But strangely now i am not able to right click on MY COMPUTER or drives.Every time i right on my computer or or any drive symantec installation starts. I have to cancel to get rid of it .I full scaned computer i...
  15. smile


    hi...guys,:) Whenever i boot in win xp after log in a message comes Explorer.exe it says Make sure u have inserted disk in A: and three options with it OK , Cancel , Try again.Can anyone tell me what is the problem....:confused:
  16. smile

    Plzz Help

    Whenever i start my PC and Win XP loads .....i get messages saying to download all kinds of antivirus softwares:-| ....if i click on goes but stays in taskbar..and loads again...i tried to remove from msconfig startup...but no use...its again comes:confused:

    No shutdown buttons

    From few days, I don't get Shutdown Buttons when I hit shut-down on my WinXp, instead I get a dialog-box. And when I press Ctrl+Alt+Del, a dialog-box appears with options Lock Computer, Log-off, shut-down, Change password, task Manager and Cancel. How to get rid of that...please help me...
  18. rohit_bawa

    Prints without permission

    I have HP all in one c3188 everytime i start printer it starts printing a page with lots lines and other text i thinks its a calibration page. But its just wasting time and ink, because everytime i have to cancel the print. Please tell me is there any solution to this problem
  19. pritish_kul2

    CAncelling Shutdown

    Is there any way by which we can cancel the shutdown after clicking shutdown
  20. A

    NFSU2 error

    whenever itry to install loads for 74% and then shows me this error "A problem occured when trying to transfer the file 'H:\Support\EAHelp\Install\Requirement_Issues\INST_Minimum_Requirements_.html' from the media Do you want to retry to copy the file,or cancel the...
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