1. Vyom

    Life without Mobiles....

    So after we pondered what would have been life, if not without computers... lets discuss this.. What would we do.. if we didn't have mobiles these days! I know few people who still dont like smartphones (calling gameranand).
  2. H2O

    Best Feature Phone Under 4k

    1. Budget? Rs 4,000 INR. 2. Dual sim? Not a necessity but would be good if its there. 3. Preferred choice of brand? Don't have any preference but as long as good ASS is there it will be fine. 4. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, internet, gaming etc)? Calling...
  3. rickenjus

    Airtel introduces combo STV offering unlimited calling and 4G data in Delhi circle

    Source :laughing_NF::laughing_NF::laughing_NF:
  4. bad_till_bones

    Mobile under 10k - Long Lasting Battery

    Hi, 1. Budget? 10k 2. Display type and size? 5/5.5 with higher dpi 3. Dual sim? yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? NA 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? rear with flash 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc). Android 7. Preferred connectivity...
  5. angie

    Recomment an android tablet with 3G under 15k

    Buying it for my parents who mostly play games on the tablet and are not very tech savvy. They will also be able to use skype so 2 MP front facing cam is preferrable. So please suggest a tablet with following specs: 3G sim slot with calling service pref. 2 MP front facing cam (rear cam not...
  6. pRieSt

    Headphone with attached microphone for Skype

    Hi all, In past, I have used multiple headphones from Logitech but it tends to get break out of within 6 months of using. I normally use headphones for calling my clients/friends who stay outside India. Does anybody have any recommendations for using good headphones with attached microphone...
  7. patkim

    Frequently receiving missed call alert like sms from a number

    On my mobile number last 2 days I have received over a dozen SMSs from a particular number. The SMS Reads exactly as 'Hi, I tried calling you. Please call back when you are free' I made a mistake of calling back that number first time when it happened. The person at the other end did not...
  8. R

    Business Purpose VOice call to Australia

    For business purpose i am looking for available options for Voice calling to australia [mobile & Landphone] one option is skype voice calling ,Is there any cheaper alternate for bulk calling ?
  9. rohitshakti2

    Free calling to US using internet

    Hi friends, I have heard that we can use internet / 3g / android devices for free calling to US and other countries. How true is it and if it is possible, pls tell how to do calling to other countries specially USA. I am using 3G and Moto E. Regards
  10. R

    No AUDIO OUT AND IN through headphones

    Whenever I used to plug in my DENON headsets with my PC a pop up used to come regarding device selection. It seems i have dsiabled settings after which I cannot hear any audio out nor my mic works for Skype calling. How can I reset audio settings or troubleshoot? Untill changing settings...
  11. S

    Show off your workstation/gaming setup/console setup

    Calling one calling all!! Post pics of your workstation / gaming setup or your console setup. We have got a desktop screen show but no thread to actually show off your whole setup. Along with the pics post a short write up , like the config, when u bought it and any other relevant info! A...
  12. R

    Need ANDROID MOB FOR 10 - 15K

    1. Budget? 10-15K (can add 1K) (will upgrade to I Phone 6 once its out) 2. Display size? 5 inch 3. Preferred choice of brand? VFM, MMX, Xolo or Karbonn et all 4. Camera option? Front 2 - 5 MP and Back 8 - 12MP+ P 5. OS? (ONLY Android 4+). 6. Preferred connectivity options - 3G + Wifi + GPS...
  13. N

    Need broadband in Dahisar West urgently

    Hey everyone, I recently shifted to Dahisar West, and my existing Hathway connection isn't feasible in this area so I'm having to look for other options. I've tried calling up a few, but none seems to offer over here. I need a wired broadband, unlimited 1mbps under 1k, no FUP. Any...
  14. bad_till_bones

    Tablet with calling capability - Under 15k

    Hi Guys, Please suggest a good tablet under 15k. - Calling - YES! - Full HD required
  15. D

    Network getting hanged in S2

    Hello all, I am facing a problem with my S2(bought 1.5 yrs ago)... I rooted my handset and installed RootBox rom. After a while I started facing a problem like, my handset would be functioning properly but, if someone would try calling me he would get the message that the number is switched off...
  16. webdesigncut

    When i call someone on mobile i hear the massage "the person you are calling is not responding" ?

    Hello friends, Can i anyone tell me .. when i call someones mobile.. i get the voice message "the person you are calling is not answering" but when i call the same person from another sim his phone rings ? and he picks up phone? what exactly he is doing with my number ? is he blocking my number?
  17. ankush28

    ultra low budget cellphone mainly for calling ~ 2k

    i want a SIMPLE CALLING phone as gift to my grandmother... 1. Budget? 1.5k + 0.5k if needed 2. Display type and size? any 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? nokia or samsung 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). numpad...
  18. G

    Budget Tab wanted Under 10k with calling facility

    Hi, I need to get a tab under 10k for my sister. 7 inch or more. The major requirement is Browsing, youtube, very mild games, Calling Feature. i came across this tab, but not sure. please advice
  19. A

    Best Tab under 10k

    Hello, I wanna buy one tablet in within 10k in which I can watch offline movies, play games, live video streaming and it should have calling facility with 3g support. can anyone suggest me something8-)
  20. Ironman

    What is 2G Calling (Need to Know this) and a 7inch tablet with voice calling suggestion

    Is Voice Calling in a Smart phone and Voice calling and 2g Calling in 7 inch Tablet Same or the later requires constant internet ?? Please explain I AM IN A HURRY:cry: I have been searching for a 7 inch Tablet (Having Normal Mobile Calling Capabilities , so i can call sometimes) </= ~ 10k (Less...
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