What is 2G Calling (Need to Know this) and a 7inch tablet with voice calling suggestion


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Is Voice Calling in a Smart phone and Voice calling and 2g Calling in 7 inch Tablet Same
or the later requires constant internet ??
Please explain

I have been searching for a 7 inch Tablet (Having Normal Mobile Calling Capabilities , so i can call sometimes)
</= ~ 10k (Less than or Equal to )
Will be good

Minimum 1 GB Ram
More the Resolution the better
Cheaper is good
Internal memory = more the merrier

I am in a HURRY ! So Please People !!
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Yes, 2G calling is same as normal voice. Tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 have the same. Some Tablets like iPad(although with SIM card support) don't have this feature and on such tablets you will need to use 3rd party apps to call.

Have a look at this: Micromax Funbook 3G P600 Tablet - Micromax: Flipkart.com

You will have to use earphones though as I don't think it works in speaker mode only.
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