Console Gaming Cafe in Pune

Do you want a PS4 gaming cafe near you

  • Yes; really want to play FIFA on a ps4

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  • No; Id rather have a PC cafe

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Hey guys,

I was planning on launching a PS4 gaming cafe in Pune in the coming months.

Would you guys be interested?

Any games you would like to see?

Where would you like the cafe to be located? (For now I was planning something near Kalyani Nagar but I'm open to suggestions)

It's going to be dope setup. So projector or huge ass screen(or both)?

Also any other suggestions to make it awesome? I really want it to be something by the community


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If I had to game on a console, I'd prefer to buy one myself. But if there is enough demand in a locality, then feel free to open it there.


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There used to be a market of gaming cafe's(not pc's) in my city like 10-15 years back. I used to play WWF Smackdown and GTA SA in PS2. But all of that market has now shifted to mobiles and its accessories. Please do a survey of your market before making any decision.
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