1. krishnandu.sarkar

    How is package of 9L for Bengaluru?

    Hi Guys, To tell you the truth, I'm facing a situation where I can't reach to any conclusion. It's being like taking a hard decision for me. Currently, I'm based in Kolkata and working in an IT MNC Company where my package is around 6.3L which after increment of this year would become atleast...
  2. I

    zophop - Redefining Commute

    Commuters like students, professionals and people who are travelling often face problems due te various reasons like bus timings, train schedule, bus stop locations and what not. Sometimes, we have half information that can render a lot of difficulty as well. That is where zophop will come...
  3. rhitwick

    Share your experience of help you got from total strangers!

    Hi everyone, in our daily life we seldom see an event of humanity or kind deeds people performing for each other. Many of us stopped expecting help from even persons we know leave alone total strangers. But, I want to believe something else....I want to believe that humanity is still alive and...
  4. ashis_lakra

    Yet another Volvo Bus tragedy.

    Mumbai-bound volvo bus fire kills 7, injures 40 in Karnataka - Livemint Again happened with a Volvo bus. This fire incident followed quickly after previous tragedy. Did Volvo of all reliable brands just became UNSAFE ? Drivers are to blame but looks like question arouses abt its safety. RIP...
  5. G

    44 charred to death as Bang-Hyd volvo bus catches fire

    Source Feel sad for those people.Most of them were software guys and students. :| Kindly avoid Jabbar and Diwakar Travels next time.Bunch of idiots.
  6. Flash

    Punjab - Another Gang rape

    What's happening in India? This incident is yet another example to show, people din't really fear about Law & Order and care about the recent Delhi-incident.
  7. D

    How to find out ... Bus speed & Type of RAM i.e DDR2/R3 by lucking at the photo

    hi guyz i wan't to add more RAM to my pc... i got to know that in order to add RAM they should have same bus speed.. so can u guyz tell me what is my bus speed & how to differentiate b/w R2/R3 By luking at the below pics :)
  8. anandharaja

    Which GPU is best GTX560ti, 570, 660ti.

    hi i seen the comparison of some GPU here AnandTech - The GeForce GTX 660 Ti Review, Feat. EVGA, Zotac, and Gigabyte and noticed some difference ROPs Shader Clock Memory Bus Width ROPs, what does mean? The GTX 680,670, 660ti Not have Shader Clock, what does mean? is necessary? The...
  9. R

    Does asus m4n68t m le v2 supports a pcie x16 2.1 bus standard graphic card?

    After lots of Googling I came to the conclusion that I NEED YOUR HELP Friends! Actually I am about to purchase a new graphic card for my current system but I am not sure wheather a pcie x16 2.1 bus standard will work with a pcie x16 1.0 slot or not? And if yes will their be any performance...
  10. S

    Not even a month... my Galaxy R is stolen

    I was on the bus this morning.. it was extra crowded. I reach in my jacket pocket (yes... my inside jacket pocket I just opened my jacket since it was a bit stuffy)... and I begin feeling around, then that sickening feeling starts creeping up. Yep. it's gone. I look around on the bus floor...
  11. 1

    Please help!Problem with RAM

    Hi I previously have Dynet RAM which is 512 mb and i bought a new 1GB samsung RAM. The problem is my old ram is 512mb ddr-400 and my new one is ddr-266. Here is my pc wizard report about my motherboard please check out. Ps: Please have a look at the end of my post..... 1.Should i get...
  12. avichandana20000

    PURI Sightseeing

    I will be visitng PURI in Jan. There will be 6 adults including me and two kids. i like to know : How much fare will be taken if i hire a car for the sightseeing like Konarak, udaygiri,khandagiri,nandankanan.lingaraj temple etc instead of a conducted tour by Bus? Also pls provide any such...
  13. N

    Plz suggest me Graphics card

    guys please help me to choose good graphics card for my rig. my budget is 10000 Rs. i have psu 450watts (Mron) and i can upgrade it if suggested and ram also.i want to play cod4 mp and cod mw2 mp at high fps. please suggest me good gpu which didnt bottelneck . thanks. my rig information
  14. thetechfreak

    Abbreviations commonly used in forums.

    Commonly Abbriviations used in forums. Common expressions ASAP=As soon as possible AFAIK == As Far As I Know BTW :- By The Way DIY : Do It Yourself FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions FTW :- For the Win FYI == For your information GTFO : Get The Feck Off ISP : Internet Service Provider IIRC ==...
  15. R

    HD 5670 compatible with intel dh67cl ???

    I wanted to know whether the combination of hd 5670 and intel dh67cl is compatible or not. I just wanted to ask thi because at intel's site pci slot slots listed in the mobo include: One PCI Express* 2.0 x 16 discrete graphics card connector Two PCI Express 2.0 x 1 connectors Three PCI...
  16. G

    BMTC route help?

    Hi, i need to catch a train 2marow night at yeshwanthpur RLY station is there any bus fom majestic to yeshwanthpur rly station...am askin cos i don know kanada to ask that drivers...i have very short time while starting any help with bus route numbers that goes early majestic(KBS)-->to...
  17. ajai5777

    Multiplier overclocking Vs Bus speed overclocking

    Which is the best way to overclock..? Is there any difference between both..? I have Athlon II X4 630 and my proccy is @ 3.3Ghz.I didnt change multiplier.It was fixed to 14 and I changed Bus speed to 236.
  18. P

    Micromax MMX372G 3g usb modem config in linux mint 8

    I've purchased a Micromax MMX 372G 3g usb modem with a BSNL 3G sim card in India. It is automatically mounted as a storage device. I referred to google and learned about usb_modeswitch. I used usb_modeswitch and I'm able to actually recognize the modem at /dev/ttyUSB1. I tried Network Manager as...
  19. ramprasad

    DDR vs DDR2 vs DDR3

    Hi Can anyone point me to a right source when I can compare the features and the following parameters of DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 RAM..? Data Bus Data Rate Bus Frequency DRAM Frequency Voltage Prefetch Size Write Latency
  20. soyab0007

    Intel Motherboard

    Intel D945gcpe I want to sell my Intel D945GCPE Motherboard i had Received a replacement from intel service center on 5/2/2009 due to delay of replacement i had purchased a new motherboard. The Motherboard is in seal pack and had been a very good condition almost 2 years Warranty Remaining...
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