BMTC route help?


Cyborg Agent

i need to catch a train 2marow night at yeshwanthpur RLY station

is there any bus fom majestic to yeshwanthpur rly askin cos i don know kanada to ask that drivers...i have very short time while starting

any help with bus route numbers that goes early
majestic(KBS)-->to -->yeshwanthpur rly station?

thanks in advance


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
BTIS - Bangalore Transport Information System
is very good site...just enter the source and destination and you will get the bus number. I did not get a bus straight from Majestic to Yeswanthpur so gave you the link..

It would be better if you go to the help desk in Majestic bus stand and ask them. They are really helpful people whether you know Kannada or not (I am from MP, living in B'lore for past 5 years and never felt any discrimination on basis of language)
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