44 charred to death as Bang-Hyd volvo bus catches fire


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Forty-four passengers were charred to death in an accident near Kothakota in Mahabubnagar district, 130 km from Hyderabad, when a private passenger bus from Bangalore went in flames in the early hours on Wednesday.

The Volvo bus operated by Jabbar Travels was on its way to Hyderabad with carrying of 51 passengers, including two crew members. Five passengers, the driver and another crew member escaped from the inferno while the rest were charred to death

The bodies were burnt beyond recognition and it proved a daunting task for the officials to extricate them from the bus. They were exploring the possibility of conducting DNA tests on the bodies to establish the identity.

Fuel leak caused fire?

Police inferred from the evidences available on the spot that the vehicle hit a culvert while overtaking a car impacting the fuel tank on the right side. The tank burst into flames and soon engulfed the entire bus leaving no chance for the inmates to escape.

All the passengers rushed to the rear part of the bus indicating that the flames started in the front and spread to the back.

But, they could not succeed in creating an opening due to exhaustion caused by shortage of oxygen and pungent fumes from the burning air-conditioners.

The officials collected the list of 33 passengers who reserved their seats at the originating point in Bangalore. But some passengers boarded at different places and there is no record of their identity.

One passenger managed to escape from the inferno but collapsed and died next to the door. Andhra Pradesh Minister for Information D.K. Aruna, who hails from Mahabubnagar, reached the spot and supervised the rescue operations along with

Collector Girija Sankar and SP Nagendra Kumar. TDP leader Nara Lokesh also visited the place.

Our Bangalore bureau:

Authorities of Volvo Buses said they are awaiting the results of a “full investigation” by authorities into the accident involving one of its buses in an accident in Mahbubnagar district early on Wednesday morning.

Sohanjeet Randhawa, Head of Marketing, Volvo Buses India, told The Hindu that the “tragic accident” involving the multi-axle vehicle, which is typically configured to carry a passenger load of up to 50 persons, is being “studied” from all angles by the company. “Our team has already landed at the accident spot, and we are still in the process of gathering all the relevant information” Mr. Randhawa said.

Asked if the results of the investigations could have a bearing on the design of the buses, Mr. Randhawa said a comprehensive investigation would look at all possible causes of the accident, including road design and other factors. The investigations may take one or two weeks, he said.

The 44 passengers who boarded the ill-fated bound for Hyderabad from picked-up from 10 places in Bangalore on Tuesday night.

Representatives of Jabbar Travels, the private bus service whose bus was involved in a horrific accident near Kothakota village of Mahabubnagar district early Wednesday morning, said the bus departed from the travel agency's office around 10.30 pm before picking passengers from different points in the city including Mekhri Circle and Hebbal.

Five passengers besides bus driver Firoz and cleaner Faiyaz managed to jump out of the burning bus, said the police in Bangalore.

Two passengers on board the bus have been identified as Venkatesh, President of Chiranjeevi Fans Association in Bangalore, and his relative Anitha. A resident of Chamarajpet in Bangalore he had left for Hyderabad to invite relatives for his niece's marriage.

Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy said the mishap involving Jabbar Travels took place around 5.20 am and added that he had directed the Bangalore police to collect all details of the deceased.

Mr. Reddy said the police has also been directed to check the documents of the vehicle and the permits. Jabbar Travels representative Shakeel said the bus involved in the mishap was a multi-axle Volvo bus and added that the agency possessed all necessary documents and valid permits. The travel agency representatives were also leaving for the accident site, he said.

It is unlikely that the government would pay the compensation to the deceased as the bus belonged to a private travel agency. However he would discuss the matter with the government, Mr. Reddy said.

Meanwhile, several anxious friends and relatives of the passengers on board the bus gathered at the Travel Agency's office in Kalasipalyam for information on their near and dear ones.


Feel sad for those people.Most of them were software guys and students. :|

Kindly avoid Jabbar and Diwakar Travels next time.Bunch of idiots.


Judgement Time!!
absolutely shocking...i have always believed that volvo buses are some of the most reliable of the lot...needs to be investigated


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Very sad and shocking news.

Now, the blame-game would start. Very soon a scape-goat would be found to take the blame.


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The bodies were charred beyond recognition. Only a part of the upper body was left for identification ie.chest, ribs and hands attached to the body. Most of the skulls were missing as they might have dissolved due to the intense heat or fire.

P.S: RIP to all 46 souls.


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These buses (the drivers) don't give a damn to safety on the highway. I always keep a safe distance when I hear their horns blaring from a distance or when I see a vehicle with headlights from an aeroplane in my rear view mirror. They are generally safer than any other buses, but it is the handling of the bus that has caused this accident.


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Damn 44 people got stuck or the emergency window didn't worked??
in maximum of passenger vehicle accidents the driver always escapes

very sad news


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Similar incident happened in Vellore (Tamilnadu) few years back with the Volvo bus.
22 dead in Vellore bus fire, this man survived | NDTV.com

It was believed that the accident was because of the short-circuiting of the AC as well as the jamming of Emergency door.
I wonder, whether the bus transports do a periodic check on their vehicles atleast once in a month or two.

The bodies were charred beyond recognition. Only a part of the upper body was left for identification ie.chest, ribs and hands attached to the body. Most of the skulls were missing as they might have dissolved due to the intense heat or fire.

P.S: RIP to all 46 souls.
Most tragic death ever.


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Driver jumped out without pushing the button that opened the doors
At least one emergency window was broken


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Similar incident happened in Vellore (Tamilnadu) few years back with the Volvo bus.
22 dead in Vellore bus fire, this man survived | NDTV.com

Yeah. That was KPN travels from Chennai to Salem or Kovai. Here too, it was the driver who is to be blamed, he was trying to overtake from the left at very high speed without making sure there was no traffic there. I am not sure if this was a Volvo, but even the safest bus in world cannot be safe as long as it is driven safely.


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Bus drivers are the worst. Volvos are designed for safety and the only mishaps are caused by the negligent drivers.
There should be stricter measures taken while giving out licenses to the private bus operators.
Also proper fire drills should be conducted to teach them about evacuation guidelines. Simply building an emergency exit won't help in averting disaster as that happened here.


I think a similar incident happened near Bharuch-Ankleshwar highway (Gujarat) , 2Kms from my House.That too was an AC Volvo Bus , and lead to death of 20+ passengers.
Since they are air-conditioned buses , so the fire spread quickly and escape becomes difficult.

The govt. should force the Travel Agency to Pay hefty sums to the kins of Deceased.And impose heavy fines.


I travel to my office using Volvo bus run by Royal Cruisers. They used to keep a plastic hammer beside the emergency exits to break the glass in case of urgency. But, nowadays they are missing. I wonder what will happen if something like this happen in my bus too.


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Passenger's lethargy - they didnt even know which windows were the emergency ones, one of the survivors tried to break a non emergency window before he found one

No rules for luggage and its packaging - hair, grains acted as a catalyst



do these agencies not check or service their buses or just use them till they burst in flames :-(
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