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  1. J

    led tv as monitor

    Samsung 22ES5000, can i use this tv for PC,will use it mainly for watching movies and browsing internet for 2-3 hours,will it have any eye burning issue,bcoz i experienced the same problem with philips 22PFL4556 :-(
  2. Nerevarine

    DVD Writer woes

    Yesterday i burned 4 Moserbaer Pro discs, on my ASUS DRW5ST DVD Writer and all of them completed successfully, but the disc fails to open.. I tried burning with Alcohol 120% and IMGBurn, but the results are the same :(.. Is it because of my writer or is this just a bad batch.. Also someting i...
  3. S

    Need Help Identifying Which Component Failed???

    I been running this RIG smoothly since only February 2012 until now November 4th (since the date of the first thread below)! Comparing the cabinet pictures you'll see trivial changes. The picture posted in this thread is exhibiting the recent setup, the picture inside the below link exhibits the...
  4. CommanderShawnzer

    [Help this N00b]how to install fedora 16?

    how to install fedora 16(the one given in some digit dvd) as dual boot/or in virtual box ? ive tried burning an .iso image into a CD ,also extracting to iso's contents and then burning to another cd but still in oracle virtual box i get this error what am i doing wrong here?please help me on...
  5. quicky008

    Burned DVDs have rings in them-need help

    I have been using a LG DVD burner on my pc for the past few years.Earlier it worked just fine but nowadays,whenever i use it for burning DVDs,weird shapes that look like concentric circles invariably appear on the reflective surface of the discs after the completion of the burning...
  6. krishnandu.sarkar

    Problem With LG DVD Writer

    Hey guys, I'm having problem with burning DVD's on my 1week old writer. I've already burned many DVD's till now but today 2 of my DVD's stopped at 4% and throwed "Reset Occurred" error on Nero. I tried CDBurnerXP but no problem. I tried googling it out, but the points that were...
  7. root.king

    How To Finalize data DVD-D

    guys i'm using nero 10 as my burning program. Once in the middel of the burning procces power gone . And now that dvd-r showing that 'no data' in it but even i cant burn any data in it so how can i finalize it. Plz help me guys i have some importent office files in it and i cant loose it in any...
  8. kool

    Want to buy External HDD* for my photographs collection

    Guys, need some advice. Basically i want a to buy Portable HDD for collection of last 6 year of digital photographs by my SONY digital camera. I think its more than 150 GB photos & vids. I'm tired up burning DVDs. U guys suggest me, burning DVDs is better idea or should i go for Portable...
  9. Cool Comps

    LG Cyberlink Software giving problems.

    Hi people. I bought my lg dvd writer and with it got cyberlink burning software. I installed this but when i click on lg burning software icon, an error comes which says "Failed to create empty document" THen the windows dialogue box come and says "power2go.exe has stopped working" Any...
  10. A

    DVD Burning Issue

    Hi guys I have just purchased a new LG GH24NS70.. to burn disc i am using moser baer blank dvd. So far i have tried to burn 3 blank dvd's all divx movies. It shows that the dvd is created succesfully but when i try to play in all 3 disc it has made the same error out of 5-6 movies that burnt...
  11. meetdilip

    Nero pack for W7 Ulitmate

    I have Windows 7 Ulitmate SP1. In XP, I used to have Nero 7.5 which has almost all the tools for multimedia editing and burning discs. Since Nero 7.5 do not work in Windows 7, I am using Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010. Is there any Nero alternative for this. Does Nero have something like Nero 7.5...
  12. nvrmndryo

    Burning smell from my Logitech z-5500 when volume maxed out !?

    hi , i bought Logitech z-5500 about 25 days ago , its rocks ! but whenever I turn volume to max , after 2,3 minutes smell like burning rubber comes from sub or center satellite , I m not sure ,, There is no decrease in performance , just whenever i max out its volume , smell starts to come ...
  13. J

    Foods That Burn Belly Fat

    As the intentions of our New Year’s resolutions slowly slip away from us as January turns into February and the rest of the year passes us by; we lose our aspirations for the goals we have intended year after year to keep. Losing weight is a well known and well intended aspiration that slowly...
  14. NewsBytes

    Nero Multimedia Suite 10 [Review]

    Nero is perhaps the best-known application for burning discs, and is possibly the most comprehensive suite of applications for this purpose. While it has its roots as a disc burning application the newer versions of Nero have increasingly focused on multimedia and...
  15. sriharsha_madineni

    Nero Burning ROM : Failed to create empty Document

    I'm facing this weird problem with Nero 9 Burning ROM, since a few days, Every time I try to create a New ISO or UDF project a error pop up says "Failed to create Empty Document". Some googling on that error,mentioned some conflict between Daemon tools and Nero caused this error. But I don't...
  16. Sumeet_naik

    Burning in UDF

    Hi, While trying to burn a 4gb file on a dvd, I got an message that burning 4gb is not supported on a ISO joliet mode and to instead use UDF. Now are the any downside to using UDF format and which UDF format to use - 1.5 or 2.0 or 2.5 ? Thanks
  17. sriharsha_madineni

    Is my writer burning correctly??

    I randomly checked a few DVD's burned on my writer Moser Baer DH-20A4P and few burned on several writers. This is what I got in Nero Disc Speed 5 and the media is National 16X results were similar with a Sony 16X dvd burned with my writer and same for DVD's burned with other writers as...
  18. A

    Video DVD Burning Software

    Hi PPL please help me out with a video dvd burning software(that plays on normal dvd player)!preferably an Opensource Software! thanks In Advance!!
  19. R

    LG DVD GSA-H55N Burning Problem

    Any one there! LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N Burning Problem!! Hi, Guys, I've a LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N optical drive called "Super Multi" Brand Is there anyone out there to help me with my DVD writer. Not burning dvds since I bought on 01 Jan 2008. The Pros: 1. It reads few digit...
  20. Choto Cheeta

    World's smallest burning apps

    Source => Choto Cheeta Online Its been like a monopoly for Ahead with their burning application NERO. It has almost become one of the must install application for many PC users since it comes bundled with almost all major DVD / CD burners !! However Nero is an expensive software and under...
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