1. P

    Downloading Youtube without hanging in between

    hey guyz.. i've been trying to download these youtube videos but its not working at all. I mean i've tried downloading from various sites like www.downloader9.com but the prob is that while downloading it gets stuck in between in the built in download manager of firefox. it doesn't progress at...
  2. john_the_ultimate

    pc cabinet suggestion please.

    I have a budget of 4-5k. So please suggest some well ventilated chassis with good built quality. I haven't selected any till now, waiting for our response.
  3. Faun

    SED - Stream Editor Tutorial

    For last few days am learning this powerful utility in linux, though i confess that i did't pay much attention to it when it was in my syllabus. But now I realised how powerful it can be to use. Though I havent perfectly masterd this utility but still keep on updating the thread as i find out...
  4. praka123

    Apple's "Time Machine" Now For Linux...

    Apple's "Time Machine" Now For Linux... Wednesday, November 7, 2007: screenshot: source: http://web2linux.blogspot.com/2007/11/apples-time-machine-now-for-linux.html http://code.google.com/p/flyback/wiki/HowItWorks...
  5. mad1231moody

    Which platform

    Hey there. I own a Fly 2040Lite mobile. I want to know that on what platform this mobile is built on, for eg Symbian,Windows etc. I need to know that because, for downloading softwares I will need the platform on which they are built. And not many applications work that are Java based. So if I...
  6. N

    can we assemble laptops like we do for desktop??

    especially if u r in mumbai?? if yes 1)from where we can buy parts (if any particular shop plz pm)?? 2)how much cheap it can be built ??
  7. chicha

    Sky Bus

    I do not know how many ppl know this but "sky Bus" the first of its kind is built at Goa. A sky bus is train inverted, the train hangs from the rail. :D some extra info this was built in 2003-4 in goa they are testing it. :D
  8. RCuber

    Motorola V3i Query.

    Hey guys , I wanted to know if V3i supports MicroSD cards of above 1GB as I want to go for a 2GB or 4GB card . Also is there any restriction on number of songs it can play using the built in iTunes?
  9. S

    3.2 MP Camera with LCD

    Pocket Cam 4000 (3MP Dital Camera) with an 1.5" LCD Panel Technical Details 3.1 MP CMOS sensor effective resolution 4.0 MP hardware interpolated resolution 4x digital zoom (still photos only) 1.5-inch LCD display Built in 16 MB flash memory Built in CF slot (512 MB max, card not...
  10. anandk

    Intel shows off 80-core processor

    Intel has built its 80-core processor as part of a research project, but don't expect it to boost your Doom score just yet. The chip is capable of producing 1 trillion floating-point operations per second, known as a teraflop. That's a level of performance that required 2,500 square feet of...
  11. dd_wingrider

    Next Generation Yahoo Messenger built with WPF and .NET

    At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Yahoo showed off some cool demos with their next generation messenger client (you can watch a video of it in action at http://messenger.yahoo.com/vista). One of the really cool things about the new messenger client is that it was built using Windows...
  12. sysfilez

    RC1 Built 5560

    i have installed windows vista rc1 built 5560 successfully, its saying 3days to activation. What do i do now? Also after activation how long will i be able to use it? Pls help
  13. sysfilez

    Vista built 5536 and 5560

    Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the two, which one of them is stable and the latest release?
  14. S

    Firewall for Windows Server 2000/2003

    Could anybody plz suggest which is the best firewall (not the built in one) for Windows Server family?
  15. himtuna

    Educational Linux

    OS which is bundled with educational softwares and tutorials . like edubuntu Give me more :wink: :wink: linux which are specially built for students.
  16. J

    6200 TC How to limit sharing of RAM

    I am having an Asus 6200 TC Card in A8N-E Board. If what I understand is correct, the G Card has only 64 MB memory and it uses upto 256 MB of system Ram. I am not at all a gamer and I feel the built in 64 MB will suffice for my purposes. So is it possible to configure (Bios) so that only...
  17. J

    AutopatcherXP or SP2

    Hi all, Is it necessary to install SP2 if I have updated my windows with AutopatcherXP. Do AutopatcherXP have built in SP2??.......so you don't need to install SP2 separately. Thanks
  18. M

    How to Control Your Laptop with the built in iRDA Port

    Can anybody tell me if its possible to contol your laptop with the built in irda port and a standard infra red remote contol that you get with TVs or with vcrs?
  19. Prajith


    Hey guys isnt this a good place for all of u to share a screenshot of ur car that u have built
  20. Sourabh

    The Blind Fragging the Blind

    The Blind Fragging the Blind Michael Feir is an avid gamer. He spent so much time playing games in college he created his own online gaming magazine. But Feir doesn't play the best-selling games and has never seen World of Warcraft -- he's blind. It doesn't matter. A growing library of...
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