1. M

    Yo Man! hAlf life 2 graphicaly not that great

    i played half life 2 on a friends pc bout 2 day's back (he's got an fx6800) and it was not all that cool much like it was built on dx7 :x
  2. S

    MOZILLA FIREFOX 1.0 - The browser, reloaded

    Ways it scores above IE, Netscape, Opera etc: 1. Short download, about 4.5 MB free! 2. Completely customizable toolbars <right click any toolbar, click customize> to make the browser the way you wan it completely. 3. In built search assistant (Google!) 4. Really featureful download...
  3. H

    Motorola E398 from the prize winning Phone Reviewer!!!

    Motorola E398 Finally, Motorola has made a comeback by launching the first phone to support a Trans-Flash Memory card and stereo ‘loud’ speakers. The highlight of the phone are the two 16mm built in stereo speakers, aim is at the youth market. The phone has a built in memory of 5 MB and...
  4. anispace

    I built a new website!! I want some tips.

    I have built a website "anispace.tripod.com". Please take a look and tell me how it is and what can be done to make it better. Also what more info can be added. :?: :?: 8)
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