help to choose btw......

Which on should i go with ???????

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hi guys i have a small doubt u got to clear
Actually i had in my mind to get a new mobo like a Gigabyte 78LMT or Asus M4A78LTM but till then my graphic card got smoked and it is for RMA (Sapphire HD 5670) the guy and the service center has offer me a 6750 if i pay extra 1200
so should i go for the new GFx or should i sell off my current mobo for 1000 and take new mobo ?????????
i Run major games a 1280x1024 and will soon upgrade to a 1600x900 or 1920x1080 ?? will a 5670 perform decently at 1080p with over 35fps in games like metro 2033 or GTA Iv


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Yes, a HD 6750 will be a better choice. But make sure that you have a good PSU to power HD 6750 as it requires additional power.
Else ask them for a HD 6670 1GB DDR5 instead of HD 5670. IMO it will cost 500 bucks more.


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For Full HD anything less than HD6850 / GTX 560 is not recommended.

Also mention PSU and CPU you are using.


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Athlon II X4 640 Gigabyte M68MT-S2P 4gigs of kingston value pack RAM Sapphire 5670 (RMA :() VIP 400watts psu
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