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I use two Wifi connections, one at home which is BSNL, and the other in the office; that is also BSNL but that doesn't matter. My question is about data usage: I have installed this software called Networx which shows how much data transfer has occurred, but it shows the combined data transfer of both the home and the office connections. What I need is a software that will differentiate between the two: I need only the data transfer info of my home BSNL connection. I can of course reset Networx everyday before I leave for work and again when I come back from work to see how much data I've used in both the connections separately, but isn't there any software that can differentiate between which Wifi connection you are using and show both the connections' data transfer separately? I do use the BSNL self care site, but I'd like a software on my laptop as well.

The modem I have is a D-Link ADSL DSL-2730U ADSL2+ Wifi Wireless Modem Router. Does the modem itself have any logging facility to show the usage over a particular period of time? That would help, because I want to see the usage of my home BSNL connection, which I use largely on the laptop, but also on the mobile, for Whatsapp, and any software I install on the laptop will not include the Whatsapp usage of the mobile.


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yes you can using SNMP option in networkx your modem/router settings look for SNMP option & enable it & change its default name to something else(like public123).Now go to networx settings & press ctrl+O(not zero) & in there set router SNMP community name same as in modem/router.After this just select appropriate interface(just 4-5 so try which one works,start with pppoe) in dropdown menu when selecting monitor router option in settings & networx will log only the data flowing through that particular router.btw what is the issue if you use networx in office to log office usage & another networx in your home to log home usage & then compare.SNMP is useful if you also do lan transfer which will be counted when using usual networx settings but not when using SNMP.
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