Problems in connection of UTSTARCOM WA3002-g1 ADSL wireless modem/router


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Hello @forum friends,I am facing a grave problem in connecting to newtork(BSNL Dataone Broadband) Home ULD-900 Plan through the UTSTARCOM WA3002-g1 wireless/modem router provided by BSNL.

Some excerpts from another thread started by our friend @vishalg:--->

the mtu value in windows was showing 1500 no matter what i entered in my router setting, so i used this command to set an mtu value of 1460 under windows
"netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Local Area Connection" mtu=1460 store=persistent"

After this both show 1460 and all sites work

One of my comments also:--->
@vishalg, I think the BSNL guy was very much correct.

In fact I changed the CRAPPY WA3002-g1(UTSTARCOM) modem provided by BSNL to me(using it since April 2007...though),and very recently purchased a D-Link
ADSL2+ (DSL-2520u) modem/router for Rs.1,000/-.

I was having similar problem as yours.
Life has changed absolutely...surfing,downloading had never been so easy.

My most severe problem has vanished.
Earlier with the WA3002-g1 modem, I was unable to enter into these sites:
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Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply
Lenovo - Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, Desktops, Computers & Accessories - Singapore (SG)
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Hard Drives | Seagate, with Google Chrome,Firefox or IE(all in their latest versions).
Exception was "opera"(11.6)(with Turbo enabled) which could open these sites.

But,now with D-Link modem/router, I could open and enter,browse into all the above mentioned web-sites/pages at ease with any of the web-browsers present.

As a result I am using the D-Link ADSL2+ modem/router,which is hassle free in connecting.

The problem with WA3002-g1 wireless router is that,it connects but at intermittent intervals the connection goes out.
The Power led glows steadilty,
The LAN led steadily glows with activity of flickering such that internet is connected,
The Wireless led glows steadily,

It is the problem with the ADSL led which becomes off after 2~4 minutes interval of internetworking.

This problem was not there since 2007,but started from last year at 2011,when I switched over to 900ULD unlimited Broadband plan from BSNL.
Initially I was using Home-Combo Plan:---> BBG FN Combo 600,in which thwe WA3002-g1 performed excellent,but after change in Plans this problem started.

Friends please help me for using the WA3002-g1 router,as I want to generate a "hotspot" access in my home.
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