1. I

    Posting Issue/s

    Hello everyone. I am having an issue while posting a message within the forum, such that, the emoticons do not get displayed. I have attempted to post message(s) using Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, but the issue prevails across both the web browsers. I have provided screenshots below...
  2. Desmond

    The Best Web Browsers of 2016

    Looks like Firefox beats Chrome again. Source: The Best Web Browsers of 2016; Internet - Product
  3. E

    Irritating ads on common words in some browsers

    Dear Experts, These days, on browsers like Firefox with FlashGot, I see unwanted ads/hyperlinks even on common words (not intended hyperlinks). My FF has ABP plugin too. On many other systems (used by others), I see this issue. But on a new browser installed with no plugins, I don't see this...
  4. M

    DICTIONARY Extentions /add-ons needed for internet/mobile browsers.

    I search through and read a lot on internet. I dont understand the meanings of many words while reading. are there any Add-On's/extentions available in popular internet browsers so that if i select the word which i dont know, it will show me dictionary meaning of word. i will be happy...
  5. ithehappy

    I've been attacked by sweet-page! How to uninstall completely?

    So I don't know with what app it came with but it overtaken all my browsers home page to it's own and all. I went to properties of all the browsers and changed the target by deleting sweet-page related crap, but I still believe it's there somewhere on my HD lying silently. So may I ask how to...
  6. kg11sgbg

    Was TDF site being Hacked???

    @TDF Friends, yesterday at about 10 p.m. while I was trying to open the Forum site of TDF,a pop up **** video with arabic language was displayed onto my screen. I tried with several browsers and the result was same. Today morning onwards EVERYTHING IS NORMAL ONCE AGAIN. Did any one of...
  7. G

    Is Java safe to use now

    Hey guys, I had seen a news about a month ago that java has vulnerabilities and needs to be disabled on browsers. But Is it safe to use java now?I need to check out some webpages running applets
  8. M

    no sound in browser

    these days i am unable to listen any sound in browsers whether i play videos or audio i am unable to listen sound . my speakers are working well when i play videos which are on my computer then they have sound but only browser is not giving any output to speakers using win 7...
  9. kool

    Related to images in CSS

    ►► Related to images in CSS. Need HELP...!!!! Hi Friends, This question is asked by my GF. so kindly help.. :| I have designed a webpage, which contains a div containing image (as a logo). I want the images to fade-in and fade-out at certain time intervals for all the browsers. Presently...
  10. dfcols71

    gmail not loading with browsers

    gmail not loading with browsers after installation of latest edition of firefox but gmail loading in outlook express what is the problem and solution
  11. D@rekills4

    Block internet access to browsers?

    How can I block internet access to the browsers? I have FireFox and Internet Explorer running on Windows 7..... I tried blocking through Firewall but still both are able to access the web....
  12. O

    website no working on android

    Hey guys, I just got the Motorola Xoom with Android OS and my work requires the use of a website that was made specifically for use with internet explorer and when I try to access it through other browsers (ex. firefox, opera, dolphin, etc), it tells me that use " ie 5.5 or above."Please help!!!
  13. kg11sgbg

    Peculiar problem with WEB Browsers

    I am having a multi-boot OS system onto my Desktop PC,which consists of Windows as well as Linux OS. Problem is: All the browsers(latest updates and versions): Google Chrome;Firefox; Epiphany(in Linux),IE-9 are functioning well,except I can't open these sites and pages:-...
  14. Vyom

    Mozilla Launched a WebSite to Showcase what Web is Capable of!

    Mozilla have launched a website to showcase the capabilities of Modern Browsers, with examples from HTML5 Games, Designs, Videos and WebGL demos. My most favourite apps are: The Planetarium! Screenshots: Website: * Supported Browsers: Firefox 4 or Chrome 9
  15. bubusam13

    Internet Explorer 9 :(

    Hi, SBI net banking is not working in IE9. After I entered username and password, I can't login. SBI net banking is working well in IE8 and other browsers like mozilla. Have u noticed it or its only with me ?
  16. K

    Browsers War

    Today-9 Mar 2011- Google released its Chrome 10. A few weeks ago MS released IE 9. Firefox's 4 beta is already doing the rounds. The Point is : Everyone is claiming their browser to be faster, more secure etc. Though I have all the 4 major browsers I don't see TOO MUCH DIFFERENCE. Can any user...
  17. X

    Browsers Tips and Tricks

    Hey guys I just wrote an article about Firefox tips and tricks. You can check it out here. If you have any suggestions or ideas, or if you just want me to research / test / add a trick you have an idea for, do post here. I am also working on Google Chrome tips, and after that other...
  18. hot zubs

    Weird facebook/browser problem

    hello friends i have got a very weird facebook problem on my machine, whenever I chat on facebook I get this popup saying “The QuickTime Plug-in 7.6.8 plug-in failed. A restart of Opera is recommended” And the browser restarts showing the error description as: “A problem has occurred...
  19. leo61611616

    Backup and Restore All Browsers

    Wouldn't you like a single application that can backup and restore all browsers installed on your computer, instead of having to do them manually or using individual application for each browser? Then that's exactly what FavBackup does. It can backup/restore your profile, settings, bookmarks...
  20. csczero

    Youtube Buffer prob Windows XP

    First i thought it was my internet connection which is having problem ( BSNL 2mbps ). Later i found out that any streaming content in windows xp takes time to load buffers all the time while download speed (through Downloaders ) is pretty good ( 170 -180 Kbps), tried it in all browsers, IE...
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