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  1. R

    Dell U2515H Problems

    Hello friends , I recently bought Dell U2515H directly from Dell India website . But facing some weird problem with it. Problems are :- On mDP to DP cable (Came with Monitor.) 1. Blinking. Like this :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTIdH1KtJDk .But the frequency of blinking is more...
  2. theserpent

    [Praise] WD My Passport has stopped detecting

    My WD My passport 1 TB HDD, had a small fall.No damage. It showed the contents for 2-3 seconds, now it does not detect.Though the light is blinking. What do I do?
  3. Zangetsu

    [Solved] Acer S231HL LED blinking issue

    since last month I am facing this Issue. whenever I switch-off the monitor screen and switch-on then the LED keeps blinking (even though my PC is in running state) and it keeps on blinking and show Acer logo in between but my desktop screen is not restored after so many mouse-clinks and...
  4. S

    DMP Flash Light Codes

    Hello Everyone, I have a TVS MSP 355 DMP printer. Its Copy Mode, Draft & Roman lights are blinking continuously. Have searched the whole web for error codes but coud'nt find. Please help...
  5. evil_maverick

    my DV6:6017tx is dead :'(

    Hello every1 To start off ..I have been using the hp dv6 6017 tx since july 11. And am extremely happy with it. But today after I got back frm ofc I tried switching it on and it just didnt start! Even tho everything was fine after I shut it off las nyt, I kept on pressing the power on button...
  6. I

    No display in laptop..

    Hello Frnds! I have got prob. In my laptop.. There's no display on switching on d laptop.. However, the hard disk indicator is blinking.. So, what could be the possible prob with the display?? Pls. Help me out..
  7. R

    Keyboard lights starts blinking & PC stops

    Hi friends, I am currently having a PC with the following configuration: AMD 635 quardracore Gig 785G mobo 4 GB DDR III 1600 MHz Corsair ram 1 TB HDD Seagate 8400 GS Nividia Graphic Card Bijli cabinet CRT 15" monitor LG DVD 450w Corsair Yesterday my pc suddenly stop working...
  8. H

    Blinking monitor

    Am writing this for my friend...he was watching a video and all of sudden video got stuck,pc also became unrespons so he restarted and now its just showing a blinking monitor help
  9. sam9953

    On/Off switch light keeps blinking

    Hi guys my monitor recently started giving me this problem where the On/Off switch is blinking, I mean the light on the switch keeps blinking and the monitor does not start up. I am able to use it because, I don't know how to open the monitor. Can you tell me how do I resolve this problem as I...
  10. S

    Problem with Samsung Galaxy

    I bought a phone Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 around one and half year back. Now I noticed that It starts blinking sometimes without any reason. Is there any problem with phone!!:-?
  11. V

    power led started blinking and now pc is not booting up!!!

    hi everybody, i bought my pc from cost to cost (nehru place) 8 months ago and last week i started a download and chose the option "hibernate after completion in idm" after that the power led started blinking and it never started again.so today i went to msi service centre( mb model-880gm-e41)...
  12. D

    Reliance netconnect dongle. Blip - not working.

    I have EC150 reliance netconnect device and suddenly it has stopped working. Yesterday night instead of blinking it just hung with constant blue light and internet connection had stopped. I disconnected the dongle - but now no blinking light on dongle at all. Is this the death of the device...
  13. Sainatarajan

    Pc not booting even after installing Windows 7 .

    Friends , Yesterday I Assembled my pc . Today I installed windows 7 and installed all the drivers and played 1 game for 1 hour . I turned off my pc and went out to play. When I came back and turned on the system , it shows a blinking cursor in a Black Screen . Now what should I do , please...
  14. sukesh1090

    blinking of monitor

    guys i am having LG Flatron W1943C monitor and i am using windows 7.from few days my monitor blinks, that is if i am running games or browser or anything,the wallpaper which i have,comes and goes within a fraction of second it will be at the speed of blinking of eyes.it won't happen regularly...
  15. G

    Siemens c2110 not working blinking cont..

    Please help on this problem. my modem warranty has expired after upgrading my frameware . I have a problem with my Siemens C2110 ADSL modem. The LEDs on the modem is blinking always. I turned on the modem while the PC is off and the phone line disconnected, then all the LEDs turn on, which...
  16. S

    display blinking

    dear guys i am in big trouble, recently my pc display continueus blinking after windows loading and desktop appear.when i am goes to bios then all right.then i enter xp or windows 7 then display blinking.i completely uninstall display driver and installing latest driver.but the prob remain...
  17. himanshu_game

    Dvd Writer Problems

    my dvd writes not writing dvd or cd , but sometimes it even refuse to read a DVD samsung OCtoedge SATA 18X what to do PLEASE HELP./............ i hve already wasted 7-8 DVD's trying to WRITE but it it stops at 1 % then there is not even blinking green light on the dvd rw tray....... PLEASE...
  18. M

    Blinking of TFT

    I recently brought a Samsung Syncmaster 2243NWX, 22" widescreen TFT. From the past 1 week, I'm getting a strange problem. The screen automatically blinks continously for 12-15 times. After that the monitor gets turned off. Can anyone explain me the cause of this 'blinking'. Is it a hardware...
  19. bhunnu16

    Phone line busy

    I am facing this problem from last 1 week. My phone line is working fine. The SNR Ratio is also good but when I try to connect it says ' Your phone line is busy' and start redialing. Also sometime the internet light in my modem keeps on continuosly(i.e. no blinking). I got the line checked...
  20. entrana

    computer just freezes

    i dont know why but some times after long times or im not sure, the computer just freezes and i notice the hard drive led stops blinking. when i restart its all fine any ideas?
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