1. Zangetsu

    [Group Buy] Bitdefender Total Security 2018(1 license available for buying)

    Hi Guys, Bitdefender is offering 50% discount on Total Security 2017 and 3 yr license for 10 devices is available @ ₹5,099.5 License: 3yrs Cost: Rs 509.95 per person (i.e Rs 170 per year) The final cost will vary after payment of taxes but still it will be an awesome deal. Official Page...
  2. E

    [For Sale] Bitdefender Security Solutions for sale

    Anybody interested in Bitdefender antivirus plus/internet security/total security 2016 3PC 1 year.Authentic software and reasonable price.Ping me for details with your requirements.
  3. R

    Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 9 months FREE

    Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 9 months FREE Free Bitdefender 2015 The offer is available only for 31 hours. HURRY!!!!!
  4. W

    Bitdefender Internet Security 6 months free[ Major Geeks giveaway]

    for those who missed the earlier 9 months giveaway here is another one from majorgeeks site: Exclusive Offer From Bitdefender & Majorgeeks
  5. coderunknown

    [Giveaway] Bitdefender Internet Security 2014

    Get your activation code: Get 9 FREE months of The Best Antivirus of 2014 NOTE: for 9 months only.
  6. SaiyanGoku

    Bitdefender TS giveaway.

    Go to Bitdefender Total Security 2014 free 6 months I haven't tested it yet.
  7. H

    [Help] Changing language in bitdefender total security 2013

    Help me i was looking for bitdefender antivirus total security 2013 offline installer i have downloaded and when i installed i have founded that it was in dutch with many conflits i have installed but i wanted to know that there is any method to change the language to english or any file k can...
  8. T

    BitDefender causing blackscreen error

    I recently bought a BitDefender Total Security 2012 after reading the Security Suite test in the april issue. After I installed the suite on my pc, i tried to start the program, but the pc froze, and after a few minutes the screen went black. I restarted the pc but the display went black again...
  9. Hsakarp_kahtap

    Free BitDefender Internet Security 2012 1 Year

    BitDefender Internet Security is a very effective and reliable security suite for windows.The Security Suite bundle is versatile and integrates not only defense against all types of malware's, but also spam filtering, firewall protection and parental controls . Normally Bitdefender Internet...
  10. iinfi

    is bitdefender good?

    i bought a new dell laptop and got bitdefender antivirus 2010 free along with it ... the store had some offer!! macfee security center came alone with it with a 30 day trial .... i m wondering whether to subscribe for macfee or go ahead and install this bitdefender which i believe is a 1 year...
  11. Worried From Bugs

    Firefox Addons/Plugins Stealing Password

    Read More
  12. bhushan2k

    Damm Virus

    hey guys....plz help me yar.....there is virus entered in my comp....plz tell me how 2 remove it....i had connected my frnd'z mp3 player 2 my comp a wk ago...n after that i realized virus entered into my comp...i hv installed xpsp3 n installed bitdefender total security 2008 trial...i...
  13. Third Eye

    BitDefender for Linux – A Dream Come True

    BitDefender, one of the most popular names on the IT security market, has been approved for compliance with Red Hat's OS, the Bucharest-based company announced today. What does this mean? Well, from now on, we'll know for sure that BitDefender Security for Mail Servers and BitDefender Security...
  14. Third Eye

    BREAKING! The BEST Anti-Virus!!!

    [COLOR=Black] Source
  15. bhutanesedude

    Which Antivirus should I install....

    Hello Experts, I came to ask you guys, which ANti virus should I install in my system. But before that i would like to let u all knw that I am using a Intel inside P4 system with 3.06 Ghz Proccesor, 512 MB of Ram and windows XP SP2. I have the following Antivirus softwares, but I am unknown...
  16. A

    Norton 360 vs. BitDefender 10

    Which one is better, Norton 360 or BitDefender 10?:confused:
  17. joey_182

    Problem:Windows firewall

    guys help me out with this.. i dont know wat happened..i saw my sent data was constantly increasing.. i checked windows firewall but it didnt open it says windows canot open firewall settings...then i sacnned my pc with bitdefender found the virus and moved...but again i was not able to open...
  18. J

    World's Best AntiVirus Suit?...BitDefender or Kaspersky??

    Can you please let me know whether BitDefender 10 Internet Security or kaspersky 6 Internet Security is the best antivirus? Tell me everything you know about Bitdefender and Kaspersky.And mension why u like it? And also mension the plus points and negative points about those antivirus.
  19. karnivore

    Best Anti-Virus

    Which is the best anti-virus 1- Avast! Antivirus 2- Kaspersky 3- F-Secure Anti-Virus 4- PC-cillin 5- Mcafee 6- Norton 7- AVG 8- BitDefender
  20. vasulic

    bitdefender internet security v10

    Hi, how do you rate "Bitdefender internet security v10" anti virus and anti spyware software? Is it better than McAfee and Norton ? Which one is best among the three? thanks
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