is bitdefender good?


i bought a new dell laptop and got bitdefender antivirus 2010 free along with it ... the store had some offer!!
macfee security center came alone with it with a 30 day trial .... i m wondering whether to subscribe for macfee or go ahead and install this bitdefender which i believe is a 1 year subscription license ..


Wise Old Owl
BitDefender is good ... use it. no worries
I don't know much about antiviruses on windows because its been almost three years since I've stopped using windows. But I know bitdefender is good from a windows geek friend of mine. He uses a crack of bitdefender :D (ditched avast).
just problem is it detects a lot of cracks & keygens as virus.
put all your cracks and keygens in ext4 partition of mint :)) and whenever you need them take them out else keep them there :D [/offtopic] I am using nod32 in win7 and it works really well...i like it more than Avast5
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