1. Who

    Happy Birthday to Vineet369 and others

    Well today is almost over but i thought i should create this thread before it actually gets over , Happy birthday you guys and especially you Vineet since your name doesn't get displayed in today's birthday list :P , i hope you enjoyed your day and your life so far...
  2. Zangetsu

    Happy Birthday Kunal.d

    Hi Guys, :wave: Now a days I dont see any Birthday wishes thread of TDF members so opened one for the same... So,Today Birthday Boy is kunal.d :clap2:Happy Birthday kunal.d have a gr8 day!enjoy :bananana: :grin:
  3. Rahim

    Linux Receives 20th Birthday Video From Microsoft

    ZA2kqAIOoZM Linux Receives 20th Birthday Video From Microsoft - Slashdot
  4. Sarath

    Gifting ideas for birthday

    Hello everyone, I was in two minds about posting this in this forum, but since I have seen many other weird threads, I am making another addition. Also I am unaware of any forums that deal specifically with such topics. Q: Suggest me something that I can gift to a female friend of mine on...
  5. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Birthday Mrintech :)

  6. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy B'Day Raaabo

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Raaabo :)
  7. vamsi_krishna

    Happy Birthday to Rhitwick and others

    Happy birthday :-D
  8. ico

    Happy Birthday NVIDIAgeek!

    :p :mrgreen:
  9. ssk_the_gr8

    Happy Birthday ico and Ron

    Happy birthday to the admin and fellow football fanatic. Hope your friends beat the **** out of you on this joyous occasion :lol:
  10. ico

    Happy Birthday to KaranTh85, Sam.Shab and A.Jesin!!

  11. ico

    Happy Birthday Utsav!

    :)) :grin:
  12. leo61611616

    Google Gets Better: Personalized Birthday Doodle For Users

    Google has a new easter egg where it will show a special personalized Doodle just for you on your birthday. Your Google Profile page will also be decorated. Isn't that great? Love you Google.. :D Read More Here
  13. Faun

    Happy birthday tarey_g and others

    happy birthday guys :p Just happened to see tarey_g in the list of people turning 24. Enjoy the wisdom of this age.
  14. Rahim

    Happy 17th Birthday, Debian!

    "Debian turns 17 today. Yes it has really come a long way from being Murdock's pet project back in 1993 to being the distribution on which the most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu, is now based." Happy 17th Birthday Debian (And some interesting history)
  15. ico

    Happy Birthday to Aspire and others!

    Happy Birthday to Thaakurr, mysticalsun2000 (30), chsrinivas (28), oabcxp (27), gauhar_ayur (26), mayank.1love (24), sketcherboy, prakhae09 (21), Aspire (17) :D :D
  16. desiibond

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mrinmay (mrintech)

    I just popped up into my mind that today is Mrinmay's (mrintech) birthday :)
  17. vamsi_krishna

    Happy Birthday to Rhitwick and others...

    Happy birthday to Rhitwick and other fellow digitians..
  18. Apple Juice

    Happy Birthday Krazzy and Others

    Happy Birthd@y 2 krzzy 8-) n others [URL="*"] i d0nt lieks krazzy but birthdayy 2 him :x
  19. R

    [Funny Incident] : The hardest slap without a slap

    My travels to Seoul have become infrequent, but the quirky incidents while there are never in low numbers. Recently, I witnessed something so abhorred (and discomforting) that I just can't stop thinking about it. Birthday celebrations in India with peers mean getting drenched in cake cream, and...
  20. vamsi_krishna

    happy birthday to ethan_hunt and others....

    Happy birth day to Allwyn bhai, and other TDF members who are celebrating their birthday today. :) Enjoy the day folks.
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