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Happy Birthday Krazzy and Others

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Apple Juice

Broken In
Happy Birthd@y 2 krzzy :cool: n others

^^ Well, 3rd March is my birthday utsav :D :D Golden days for both of us.. xD
i d0nt lieks krazzy but birthdayy 2 him :x

Krazzy Warrior

"Aal Izz Well"
10th mein toh ek hi hota hai?
3 exams hote hai.. Phy.. Che.. Bio.. 300 ka average 100 mein.. ICSE board hai mere bhai..
I should get 98 in Physics(did a silly mistake.. 5+5+2=17 :|)
I should get 99 in Chemistry(dont know how to differentiate between dil. HCl and dil. HNO3 only using 1 solution :|)
I should get 99 in Bio...
Aur 1-2 marks aase le le.. Hmm Then I think i should easily get 97 or 96.. :)
Aab bas Maths aacha ho jaye.. Toh.. :D

Thanks for B'day wishes.. :)

Yummy Cake.. :D Windows 7 version? :D

@Apple Juice
I want to do Fraandsheep with you.. :D
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