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  1. Apple Juice

    Happy Birthday Cool Joe and Others

    Happy Birthday 8-) 8-) abrp2009 (30), oops_iam (25), avik735 (24), arjie (22), sourabh.dani (21), Yashvardhan Maiya (21), Cool Joe
  2. toofan

    Hustler. Many Many Happy Returns of The Day Dear!

    I wish my Friend a Very warming, successful and enjoyable life ahead in his life. May He be whatever he wants and get success in it. Happy Birthday Anuj. :clap2: We all love you.
  3. J

    Happy Birthday romeodhn, pratik03, ajay.cse, parasharenator, rahul2002, Ron and ico

    happy Birthday :D:D:D:D
  4. Krazzy Warrior

    Happy Birthday desiibond & others...

    Happy Birthday to desiibond,ico and many others... KHUSHI SE BEETE HAR DIN har suhani rat ho. JIS TARAF APKE KADAM PADE vaha phulo ki barsat ho. (rather vaha tech ki barsat ho) :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY. P.S. Don't forget to create Birthday thread for me on my birthday... :mrgreen:
  5. Apple Juice

    happy birthday to dreamcatcher, brokenheart and many more

    happy Birthday to morimer (26), benjaminshr (25), alton (25), brokenheart (24), maxmk (24), dreamcatcher (21), sanjay.93041 (17) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)
  6. vamsi_krishna

    happy birthday to tkin,Saqib_khan, and others....

    Now don't forget telling birthday wishes to our mates in the rush of new year.. Happy birthday to tkin, saqib_khan, Chesss and.... Now who's that 106 years guy????
  7. Gigacore

    Happy Birthday Rockstar11, shantanu and others..

    Happy birthday guys! Have fun! :)
  8. Rahim

    Happy Birthday Disc_Junkie and Others

    maverickrohan (26), swamiprasanna (25), lokesh_45 (24), ishanjain (21), kumarrohit007 (20), Disc_Junkie (19) Wish you all a happy birthday :D I hope D_J is not seeing ghosts again :D Bidaai ftw!!!
  9. vamsi_krishna

    Happy Birthday to tarey_g,nishant and others...

    happy birthday tarey_g hope you can hang on to that tree for more than 100 years. and happy birthday nishant.
  10. Hustlerr

    Happy BirthDay Toofan n Others......

    Happy BirthDay Toofan my Dear Friend n Other Guyz..... :-) Enjoy the Day...... Keeping Pwning us Toofan in Urt :grin: May God Bless u ......... :wink:
  11. freshseasons

    Happy Birthday Cyberjunkie

    Wish Cyberjunkie and others a very wonderful Happy Birthday. Remember:Inside every older person is a younger person - wondering what the hell happened to them. Please don't bother with the above statement.Enjoy..i am sure there will be more of these..and i will be still around...
  12. Rahim

    Happy Birthday KL@W-24

    Happy Birthday buddy :) Just how old have you become? What!!!! 60?:D I hope you live the day the current Gunners lifting the EPL :D
  13. R

    Happy Birthday - samridh94 aka Sam, haider_up32, risrockz

    haider_up32 (22), risrockz (17), samridh94 (15) Happy Birthday... Especially to Sam :p Cyberjunkie misses you on IRC. :p
  14. R

    Happy Birthday to Raaabo (32), gorkhalihacker (25), nvidia_xfx (19), chaitanyaanand (

    Happy Birthday! :p
  15. Cool G5

    Happy Birthday Gigacore a.k.a Santhosh

    Let's wish our beloved member Santhosh a.k.a Gigacore on his birthday today. Happy Birthday Santhosh :) May Wealth, Health, Success, Technology, Web Development continue to kiss your feet in the coming year. :D Have a definite BANG in LORE tomorrow. Keep up with your good work in the...
  16. Disc_Junkie


  17. alexanderthegreat

    Happy Birthday to hari_sanker_r! (and others too! Really!)

    Bechare hari ke liye koi Happy budday thread nahi bana raha tha. I thought I'd better do it! :D :D :D So:- Happy birthday to A.R.Anilkumar, vrslvrs, rajpalsingh, moca, kari24, SyedSuhailahmed6233, sedhuait, nazaninnn, hari_sanker_r. Enjoy the day, guys! May your ammunition last long and...
  18. Coool

    How can you guys forget spammer b'day?? (MHG)

    Happy birthday metalhead:D
  19. Gigacore

    Happy Birthday Kalpik!

    Happy birthday dude :)
  20. M

    Happy Birthday connexion (22) and a_k_s_h_a_y (21)

    Happy Birthday connexion (22) and a_k_s_h_a_y (21) :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
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