1. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Birthday Mrintech :)

    Happy Birthday :)
  2. theserpent

    Happy bday gameranand

    happy birthday gameranand
  3. thetechfreak

    Happy Birthday to MetalheadGautham and others..

    :razz: Happy Birthday to- MetalheadGautham (21) abhinav_bipnesh (32) satyadeep (25) himadri_sm (25) :D
  4. vickybat

    Happy Birthday Sarath

    Many many happy returns of the day mate. :)
  5. theserpent

    Happy birthday pkkumarcool

    :-D Happy birthday pkkumarcool(A.K.A pankaj)
  6. gameranand

    Happy Birthday vickybat

    Happy birthday vickybat aka satyajit. Even though I have had some flaming with him I still like him very much. :lol::D:p Wishing you a happy bithday. May all your dreams come true even the dirty ones. :p:P
  7. axes2t2

    Happy Birthday iinfi

  8. S

    What should i buy for by 20th birthday?

    Heyy Everyone,i will be of 20 on this June,so according to you,what should i buy? The options that come in my mind are:An Ipad,A Camcorder..that's it! No 3rd option To Include:I already have a desktop with Core 2 Duo and 2GB RAM ATI Radeon 5670 and DG31PR CPU.A Dell XPS 15 Laptop and a Canon...
  9. coderunknown

    Happy Birthday coolpcguy

  10. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Birthday Ethan_Hunt

    Looks like everyone forgot to wish Ethan :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  11. Liverpool_fan

    Happy Birthday to Cool Joe

    Happy Birthday Cool Joe. :D
  12. Krow

    Nobody wished ico?

    Happy Birthday admin sahab. :))
  13. ico

    Happy Birthday to Nipun :D

    :P :mrgreen:
  14. $$Lionking$$

    Google Doodle Celebrates a Father of the Microchip -

    Google is honoring Intel co-founder Robert Noyce with a doodle resembling Intel's first microprocessor, the 4004, today. Robert Noyce was a co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957, but is mainly known because of his involvement in Intel, which he co-founded with Gordon Moore in 1968...
  15. Ayuclack

    Birthday Gift Help...PSP Or Any Thing ELSE

    Need A Little Help Guys... I Need To Buy PSP 3004 For My Little Brother As A Birthday Gift...Would It Be OK or any Thing Else...Already Had A iPod Touch ....Need To Give Some Digital Thing...For Gaming....Max Budget 10k...Bithday on DEC 12th...
  16. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Birthday Sam & Zangestu

  17. ico

    Happy Birthday to sygeek

  18. mukeshgupta

    Android Birthday Bash!

    The first commercial Android phone - HTC Dream (HTC Dream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) was launched on October 22, 2008. On the occasion of Android's 3rd birthday has come up with a great offer for Android lovers - Rs 1000 off on all Android phones above Rs 10,000 and Rs 500...
  19. thetechfreak

    Happy Birthday vamsi_krishna

    Happy Birthday vamsi_krishna!! Happy Birthday! Have a blast :D
  20. Prime_Coder

    Happy Birthday to You ... Google...(1st teen birthday!)

    Google, undoubtedly the topmost search engine in the world is now 13 years old!:)) So lets celebrate its birthday! :D: Google Celebrates Its First Teen Birthday – Happy 13th Birthday!
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