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Birthday Gift Help...PSP Or Any Thing ELSE


Need A Little Help Guys... I Need To Buy PSP 3004 For My Little Brother As A Birthday Gift...Would It Be OK or any Thing Else...Already Had A iPod Touch ....Need To Give Some Digital Thing...For Gaming....Max Budget 10k...Bithday on DEC 12th...
if youncan promise him a gift later, better option is to wait for psvita, it will hit indian market by march 2012. but its far better than present psps + psp scene will be dead once psvita comes. so choice is yours.


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Since he alread has the iPod Touch. May I suggest a Android phone Lg Optimus one p500.
Donot buy PSP now. A next generation model is just around the corner :wink:


No way dont go for last generation stuff now. PSP is NO NO. After a month he will see the new PSP on TV/net and will regret it. PSP vita is expected to release in South east asia first before mid Dec. The upgrade to psp vita is mind-blowing! Its like switching from a ps1 to ps3. For 10k try to get the nintendo Wii console instead, or if he has a PC, get a new graphic card. Or his first digi-cam.


Hmm yeah. Better drop both the vita and the 3004 then. It's his birthday so give him something on his birthday that he likes. Not a "coupon" for PS vita when it releases.

A gold ring given on the birthday will feel more precious than a diamond one the next.

After that lecture, how about give him something else. A copter or the Parrot to play with the ipod?
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