1. Hrishi

    Navy Seal who killed Laden , breaks his silence.

    This is very sad. The soldier who killed Laden is now struggling for his own safety.Having financial issues. :( Cam across this TOI news article. Can't tell how much authentic the news is But its from TOI. Source :Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden breaks his silence. If its true , I...
  2. H

    Deleted a file from that Network Drive

    If I delete a file from that network drive, it does not go into my desktop recycle bin and it does not go into the recycle bin on the server's drive. Why?
  3. shayem

    anybody have 9600GT?

    Hi, If anybody have geforce pci-e 9600gt 1GB DDR2 graphics card then please could you send me bios.rom/.bin? You can get it using GPU-Z.
  4. cute.bandar

    The $25 PC

    Source Just look at how small it is . Absolutely perfect downloading machine! . Runs ubuntu.
  5. Liverpool_fan

    Osama Bin Laden - Reported to be dead - Announced by Obama

    Obama announces Osama bin Laden killed by U.S. - Osama bin Laden, the world's most wanted terrorist, was killed in Pakistan as the result of a U.S. military operation, President Obama announced to the nation Sunday night. The historic revelation comes about four months before...
  6. abhijit_reddevil

    FBI based Bin Laden image on Spanish lawmaker

    A Spanish lawmaker was horrified to learn that the FBI used an online photograph of him to create an image showing what Osama bin Laden might look like today. The image using Gaspar Llamazares' photo appeared on a wanted poster updating the US government's 1998 photo of the al-Qaida leader...
  7. Pragadheesh

    what wrong with recyle bin

    hi, i have attached link to screen shot of my recycle bin along with my desktop. In my desktop the icon of recycle bin shows that the recycle bin is not empty but when i open the recycle bin there are no items in it. what could be the cause of the problem...
  8. Y

    unable to empty Recycle Bin!!!

    I an unable to empty my recycle bin. although i right click and click on Empty recycle bin ,it doesn't get emptied. also used ccleaner but same problem. what may be the solution guys??? Also every time i start pc ,a desktop.ini opens up. how to get rid of this?
  9. Disc_Junkie

    Osama's location according to a media report

    Osama hiding in Pak's Hindu Kush mountains: Report Washington: The United States is said to have tracked down the world's most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, in the impenetrable Hindu Kush mountains in Pakistan's scenic Chitral region, according to a media report. America won't say it...
  10. Gigacore

    Happy Birthday Garbage!

    Look what I found..... ? A Garbage Bin Cake!!! Happy Birthday Garbage!!! You stink! :D
  11. iMav

    Bin Laden:Islam :: FOSS Fagots:FOSS

    Bin Laden:Islam :: FOSS Fagots:FOSS Being an active member on tech forums, you come across some really interesting things and people. I have a lot of friends and readers due to these very forums. This article was in the making for quite a long time, but recent events on one of India’s biggest...
  12. chicha

    "WINDOWS" folder in the bin!!

    this might seem like a stupid question i have this one folder in the recycle bin called "WINDOWS", which strangly can not be seen even as i set my folder option to show all system and hidden files. but when i try to empty the bin it asks me if i really want to delete "WINDOWS" folder...
  13. Faun

    The real SuperHero !!!

    Batman Bin Suparman lol :D
  14. tango_cash

    do bin and iso files have larger files sizes than it's contents???

    hi i have some bin and iso files when i load them in alcohol the total size of the contents is less than the file size of the iso or bin file. for e.g i have this iso file which has size of 314mb. when i load it in alcohol the total size of the contents is just 271mb.why is that???where is the...
  15. smile

    Recycle bin problem

    After deleting unwanted files from windows:p .....when i want to completly delete it from recycle bin....some files are not getting deleted....what is the problem????:confused: Can any one suggest me plzzzzzz:)
  16. Batistabomb

    Rename The Recycle Bin

    To change the name of the Recycle Bin desktop icon, open Regedit and go to: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/CLSID/{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} and change the name "Recycle Bin" to whatever you want.
  17. shady_inc

    Any way to recover files lost by replacing??

    Is there any way to recover files lost by replacing them??Or any way to ensure that this files go to recycle bin instead of being replaced permanently??
  18. almighty

    how to remove recycle bin

    hey mates :) can ne1 tell me how to remove recycle bin from desktop i wanna my desktop clean not a single icon we can delete all the shortcuts but wat abt recycle bin how can i remove it? is it possible? i know yes coz lodz of genius r here how plays with registry them may help me hey plz help...
  19. gxsaurav

    iPod Amnesty Bin from Microsoft

    Well, Mac users alwasy try to advertise Apple so I thought, why not some fun too. Found this on engadget Lolz.....
  20. Ankur Mittal

    Is Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussain Live or Dead?

    Hey guys I would like to ask all of the members to give their views that what they think about Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Haussain that whether they are alive or dead? I know that most of us have seen the death of Saddam Hussain on Television but few days after hanging him the AajTak reported...
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