1. ico

    nVidia cards don't display full RGB colour in HDMI?

    Very very old issue. Since the beginning of time. Still not fixed. Fix is here: Nvidia cards don't display full RGB color via HDMI - here's a fix - PC Gamer Dunno what to do in Linux.
  2. patkim

    App Store crashes

    I recently upgraded the IOS from 4 to v5.1 on my ipad1. Now the app store simply randomly crashes back to the main screen. This does not affect any ongoing installs but I need to restart the app store and continue again from from the beginning I.e. search etc. if anyone knows how to solve...
  3. harshilsharma63

    The mods thread

    Hi, I couldn't find a dedicated thread for PC mods (case mods and stuff) so I decided to start off this thread. Post your case mods, keyboard mods, anything DIY that you did or you know about, lighting, windows and all things mods. I'm beginning by posting some pics of my own very basic mod...
  4. win32.tr0jan

    Black Ops Quick Save

    How does COD:Black Ops quicksave works?Even if i Hit F5,the game loads from the beginning of the stage!!
  5. abhi.eternal

    Patent blog - Need feedback!

    Hi. Me and my friend launched a blog related to Intellectual Property. My friend is a Patent Analyst and we could not actually find anything like this when she was studying for her course, hence we came up with the idea. It is just the beginning but we would really love your feedback and...
  6. dark_king

    Indian won rapidshare lottery

    Srishti A. from India is the lucky winner of our RapidShare Lottery. COO Bobby Chang will personally congratulate the 19-year-old and present her with the 50.000 EUR at the beginning of July. Pictures and more information will be published here. source
  7. Liverpool_fan

    Ubuntu: Free Beginner's Guide

    Keir Thomas the author of Beginning Ubuntu has released a nice little Free eBook for beginning Ubuntu. I dunno whether you guys already know or have posted about it before, but here's the link * Digg It Not to mention Keir Thomas is an excellent author...
  8. looogk

    new trend

    :-| hi i want to know more about processors and their upcoming trendz.. starting from the beginning to now.. help me
  9. panacea_amc

    download managers

    r there any download managers like flashget 4 JAVA fones? i cant download thru opera mini coz everytime there is a link failure, i ve 2 start 4m da beginning again. thanks!
  10. darklord

    Online Overclocking competition with exciting prizes to be won !!

    Details are here - THL Overclocking Competition 2008 This is just the beginning, there will be more in the future ;) Thanks ! Amey
  11. DigitalDude

    33 megapixel Super Hi-Vision (Ultra HDTV) could be on the air in 2015

    :shock: :shock: Source: Engadget _[/LEFT]
  12. A

    dual boot system

    i have loaded both redhat and window XP. but boot loader is missing. how to load the boot loader so that i can start o/s as per my requirement at the beginning.
  13. anandk

    Latest OS and Browser statistics.

    Windows Vista usage is on the rise; IE7 installations may eclipse IE6's by year's end. Vista's predecessor! Windows XP, fell a nearly commensurate percentage, according to Net Applications Windows' overall share continues to exceed 92%. Vista's share has grown from 0.2% to 9.2% since the...
  14. baccilus

    How is BF2?

    Well I have read the reviews and all which say it's awesome. But what sort of pings can I expect here in India with Dataone -2 MBPS connection? I am sort of beginning to think that counterstrike is the only game that can be played with good pings in India.
  15. P

    Need Help in Java

    I am using win 98. i need to learn java. pls tell me the steps to download and install java. i need to leran about the java in deep. [applets, jsp, beans, servlet, etc]. so please from beginning tell me where to download and how to install java? also my friend need java for win xp.
  16. G

    Suggestion on Yahoo Webhosting

    hello, Im going to host an website especially for Google Adsense.. with good content like movie, games etc...I have seen the yahoo Webhosting page.. it has three plans and monthly payment... I need an suggestion from u guys to whether i can Just go for it.. Which plan will be suitable for...
  17. blueshift

    10 Things You Might Not Know About Google

    Read in detail here 1. Google query syntax underwent some subtle changes over the years. 2. Google itself was Beta. 3. PageRank more than 1-10 – maybe. 4. Google's co-founders didn't like each other in the beginning. 5. Google has 16 official blogs. 6. Google self-censors in several...
  18. pickster

    DVD Video Disk

    Is there any software outside that lets you make DVD Video Disk like pro in which you have option to choose in the beginning which video to play [if there are more than 1], etc.?
  19. go4saket

    Good Guide Book 4 Hosting & Server???

    Hello Friends! Can anyone tell me which is the best available book in subjects like web hosting, servers etc. As I dont have any idea in this field, I need a book that can explain things right from the beginning and in detail.
  20. champ_rock

    ME prob

    hi i am using me and xp dual boot.... somewhat ME takes a lot of time reading my cd drive and other partitions..... whereas Xp is much fasteer in that regard... is it some problem with my drivers or ME is a snail from the beginning....................
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