1. A

    IEM for Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hi guys!!! I need iem for Canadian Galaxy S3 @1000 . 1. Should not be bassy n have a balanced sound. 2. I mostly use laying on the bed. 3 Should be available on Flipkart. 4. Should loud enough. Plz help me to choose.
  2. Alok

    Felt very strong Earthquake in Guwahati

    I was playing GTA V as usual and my bed started to shake like I'm in boat. I never faced an earthquake before so I though someone is shaking my bed , I saw no one was there. I thought something must be under my bed. But I couldn't find the reason and my mind didn't think even a single time that...
  3. RCuber

    Phone for Senior Citizen

    1. Budget? 2-3K/flexible 2. Display type and size? Any, non touch preferred. 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? Any 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). Numpad 6. What camera option you...
  4. N

    cooling pad for Dell cost 15

    I got a weird request..... My main reason for buying cooling pad is not for cooling but for the below mentioned reasons I usually keep my xps 15 on my bed or on sofa... Which makes laptop hot on the left side..... Which I don't like so I could buy colling pad n use that as a stand so it...
  5. C

    Android Mobile suggestion

    I am thinking of getting an Android mobile I short listed to LG Optimus NET P690 for Rs. 9999 from I don't get many calls, i want mobile for watching videos, music and some games before i sleep. So i need a earphone that is comfortable to use on bed. Can you suggest one ...
  6. avinandan012

    Display Problem

    I have ASUS M3A78-EM(rev 1.03G) & Phenom II x4 955 , XFX 9600GT 512MB. CM extreme 600W . I pc was under my bed for eight months(packed). When i tried to run it last week PC booted & POST properly , but no display was coming from my gfx card. Power is coming from PCI x16 slot, fan of gfx card is...
  7. J

    About LED TV= myth or fact?

    Hi, Is it true that LED tv s emit very bright light and it is uncomfortable in bed room during night times? Is this a valid justification to prefer LCD over LED? Thank s.
  8. Faun


    Incidents and accidents which make you feel FFFFFFFUUUUUUU So I went back to my home and came back to see my roommate's bed in my room. Well...not much of a problem I thought. But today I saw a small creature crawling over my bed sheet. Upon further examination I found out that it is the tiny...
  9. tango_cash

    i need a new mouse.pls suggest me.

    after 3 yr's of great service my iball black cat 5 button mouse is now dieing .and that is not because of some defect but because i kicked it by mistake and it hit the wall really hard.the poor thing is still working but not on all surfaces(it works if i use it on my bed but doesn't work on the...
  10. sam9s

    HP Officejet 4355 All-in-One...

    Hi All I just purchased the HP Officejet 4355 All-in-One. Print, Copy, FAX, Scan. And i thought to share my experience with you all so that people looking for an MFD solution can decide accordingly Products considered: HP Officejet J3500,3600 First XP n Vista 64 Bit drivers are not...
  11. iMav

    No In/Out Aboard Airbus A380 Double Bed Suites

    Even though Singapore Airlines has equipped its new A380 jets with private double bed suites, company officials are saying you'd better not do the bouncy bouncy in there or you'll meet with their stern disapproval. What are they going to do? Throw you off the plane? The first couple to book one...
  12. pritish_kul2

    Getting ird of bed bugs(katmal)

  13. personifiedgenius

    In The Bed!!!!!!!!!!

    IN THE BED!!!!!!!!!! On your Home page in the Orkut, you'll find Today's Fortune. Just add "in the bed" at last and write it here... (it's fun ):p :p Let me start: Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you,IN THE BED
  14. yrana2002

    Sims 2 woo-hoo

    Hey guys, I learnt how to do woo-hoo in the bath-tub, but since my sim desires it in bed, how do i invite someone for woo-hoo in the bed? :lol:
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