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Hey guys.Long time.

So I need to buy a phone in a budget of 6.5k,though it can be extended MAX. till 7k.Not more.The ones I have shortlisted are :

1)se w395
2)micromax x505
3)motorola zn300
4)cokkie pep
5)cookie kp500
6)nokia c3
7)micromax q75
8)lg gw300
9)samsung beat twist

any other recommendation besides these is welcome.Brand is of no concern,only need top notch quality.

Thanks in advance


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Nokia 5233 or the newly launched 5228. why not have a look at them?

Nokia C3 is S40 based. so i doubt will support multitasking. Motorola is good, battery bad. very bad. Motorola is plagued with battery problem (the entry level & midrange ones). LG Cookie are good ones. can choose one. Samsung got a few from their corby & STAR lineup. so can have a look at them too.

also when you have such big players with good quality, why run after mobiles such as Micromax? do they offer some extra ordinary build quality? or topnotch service?
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