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  1. R

    When can I post in Bazaar?

    I've been viewing digit forum for a looong time now but decided to register not very long ago... I have some items I need to sell and bash that guy selling his 2 yo 7970 for 14k (like wtf), so when can I post in the Bazaar section?
  2. G

    [For Sale] HP Pavilion G6 1302TX Laptop

    Hi Peeps, I found an offer which my friend of a friend is providing and below are the details 1. Model number and details: HP Pavilion G6-1302TX Laptop Below link provides the entire spec...
  3. I

    what did i do wrong

    Dear imrocking_since92, You have received an infraction at Digit Technology Discussion Forum. Reason: Violation of Bazaar section rules. Guys i got this message after i posted the following message in bazaar section: "Hey guys i want to sell my xfx geforce 8600 ddr2 512 mb ram for only Rs...
  4. bhushanm

    Why can't I post in Bazaar?

    I read through all the rules and such and couldn't find anything that would explain why I can't post in the Bazaar section. I am moving and I need to offload some of my stuff to those who need it/ will use it. It ranges from old mobile phone chargers to the latest CPU power supply unit, ADSL...
  5. montsa007

    How much time for Bazaar thread to be approved!!?!?

    I started a thread in bazaar section on 16th September (Evening 7-7.30pm) Its yet to be approved!? I uploaded all the pics, thread was created with proper guidelines & template. Besides there is no clear guideline as to how many days does it take to get approved, doesnt make sense to get...
  6. CA50

    Negative Feedback on TDF

    Hi digitians, i have started this thread after going through the Bazaar section. To tell the truth, the bazaar section is just a junk of crappy threads. The members are just dumping their threads just like anything. There is no rules, no systematic posting etc. I saw members started a thread...
  7. V

    UPS for residence

    guys i want to buy a good ups for my residence in bangalore.please suggest a place where they sell ups like a ups bazaar just as we have computer bazaar in sp road and also suggest some good ups for the purpose and the approx. cost. thanks
  8. P

    Can We Start Group Orders In The Bazaar Section

    Mates , This is amarbir From lynx-india ,Wanted To Find Out That Can We start Group Orders For Digit Members in The Bazaar Section or Not.As i Am Here To Learn i am Not Interested In Breaking any rule you See . PS :Mods Can You Help Me And Tell Me if This is Allowed .
  9. esumitkumar

    WTF : Serial blasts rock Tripura; one dead, over 50 injured

    WTF ...really this blast joke has gone over the limit :mad::mad::mad: just wait for your no ...this has become a daily news now..i fear soon it will be hourly :( AGARTALA: Serial bomb blasts rocked Tripura on Wednesday evening, leaving one Blasts occured in Gul Bazaar, Radha Nagar and...
  10. aadipa

    Addon card for extra SATA ports

    Can I get something like this in Mumbai? What will be the cost? My friend have a motherboard (ASUS K8N-E) with failed SATA ports. And now he have a SATA DVD-RW which won't work on his mobo. As of now the writer is for sell in bazaar section, but if such card is available, he might consider...
  11. PCWORM

    Problem with posting a thread in Bazaar section

    HI,,,,ive posted a new thread for selling my friends graphic card... but after posting i cannot see my thread listed in the bazaar section.... i also tried locating it from the "newly subscribed threads" list in my profile, but of no use....plz help!
  12. A

    how much is ur site worth off(joke)....

    Hey guys i found a websites that will tell how much ur website is worth off and give other details..(some one specified it in bazaar section) link: http://www.cwire.org/website-value-calculator/ But let me say that this website is absolute bullshit..u will find it urself.. the following...
  13. ring_wraith

    Need some info about Gandhi Bazaar, Bangalore.

    Hey guys. I need to go and check out some cheap cell phones, and am pretty sure that Gandhi Bazaar a.k.a. national market was the best place. Can anyone suggest the best shops to get a mobile?
  14. casanova

    Canon Deskjet Printer IP 1300

    This printer is available fro Rs 1199/- at Big Bazaar. Last day is today. How is this offer.
  15. krates

    Apple IPHONE Available in delhi chor bazaar for only 8000

    Apple IPHONE Available in delhi chor bazaar for only 8000 /- :D Wow indian are too smart i can say now :D
  16. A

    where to get iphone

    guys where to get iphone in bangalore and whats the price? and if someone can buy it from palika bazaar ans ship for me i'll be pleased.. also whats the price in palika bazaar.. or shall i buy it from ebay usa? and get it unlocked here? please suggest me my budget is 23k..
  17. ilugd

    Good Hollywood films in Palika Bazaar

    Anyone has any idea where we can get interesting hollywood films in Palika Bazaar? The exact shop number would be good.
  18. Ambar

    Moderation Delay Yet Again.....

    wth is the prob here.....i had again created a thread in bazaar to sell my genius hs04u gaming headset 2 days ago...and the thread hasnt cleared moderation....wat the hell is the prob here ....if the current moderators cant handle the load why arent new moderators been assigned...im getting...
  19. T

    Why am I not able to post

    Is any special privilege required to post in Bazaar section of this forum. I have tried to post there twice but after clicking post buttion I am taken to the Bazaar home page but not able to see my post. Why?
  20. Ambar

    Wth!!! My Post Again Didnt Show Up In Bazaar Section!!!

    ok guys u have done it again ....and yes it means u moderators...i had posted an enquiry in the I want... section in bazaar....around 4 days ago requesting second hand DDR2 memory ...and it has has not appeared since.....wth are u ppl doing..if u guys think the moderations to be done is too much...
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