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WTF : Serial blasts rock Tripura; one dead, over 50 injured

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Call me Sumit
WTF ...really this blast joke has gone over the limit :mad::mad::mad:
just wait for your no ...this has become a daily news now..i fear soon it will be hourly :(

AGARTALA: Serial bomb blasts rocked Tripura on Wednesday evening, leaving one Blasts occured in Gul Bazaar, Radha Nagar and GB Bazaar in Agartala, Tripura. (Timesnow)

dead and more than 50 wounded. ( Watch ) Blasts occured in Gul Bazaar, Radha Nagar and GB Bazaar in Agartala, Tripura. (Timesnow)

Twenty of the injured are stated to be in critical condition.

Initial reports suggest that blasts occurred at Gul Bazar, Radha Nagar and G B Bazar.

The first explosion took place at 7.30 pm followed by other blasts between 7.35 pm to 8.15 pm.

Barely two days ago, eight people died in crude bomb explosions at Malegaon in Maharashtra and Modasa in Gujarat.

Two weeks ago, a bomb explosion at Mehrauli in Delhi left one dead and several injured.


I have Yolks not Brains!

Is there some kind of reality show for exploding bombs or what??

How is this possible??


Slideshow Bob
Is the f***ing government sleeping??? Whatever happened to 'intelligence', 'security forces', 'RAW' and all that shi*t??? :mad:


Unbelievable! :mad: What I find more surprising is how 1 blast takes place and then the police find unexploded bombs(not in this case). They could never do that before. Why not find even the 1st bomb?!:mad:

Update: Death toll is now confirmed at 2 and 20 critically injured in this agartala blast :(


Call me Sumit
Is the f***ing government sleeping??? Whatever happened to 'intelligence', 'security forces', 'RAW' and all that shi*t??? :mad:
They are all sold to Pakistan .......:mad::mad:

Just wait for the day when terrorists have acquired nuke in pak and seeing the state of affairs in Pak..that day is not too far..when we will be nuked ----> our country will be wiped out frm world map and still that MF...S*****j P***l will say " we are doing some action ..please remain calm " :evil::evil::evil:


Slideshow Bob
Law & order has become a joke these days. And it's a pathetic joke. We go on declaring cease-fire and our dear neighbour sends its troops to kick our foolish a&&. And what do we do? Declarations which make us look like wimps - 'Our peaceful nature should not be taken as a sign of weakness'.
F*** your peaceful nature, innocents are being brutally 'murdered'. Is this what these people elected ythe govt for? What the hell are they scared of, damn it?? Why don't they take retaliatory steps against these bloody ba*tards??
Once again, I'm pi*sed off... :mad:


Call me Sumit
Why don't they take retaliatory steps against these bloody ba*tards??
why they will take..India has lots of population ..Govt treats us like makkhhhi macchhhar...how ppl matter to govt ? they matter only in ballet times...

Our country has become such a place where only rich have the priviledges....Have u heard that Abhishek Bachhan was in CP, delhi when blasts happened...agar usey kuch ho jaata ..to saari govt action main aa jaati...what abt thousands of abhi bacchans who r dying evryday in these blasts ????

Have u ever read that the boy who was killed in tiffin blast in dilli 3-4 days before.... his parents even didnt have the money to do his last rites :(
Some local neta reached thr with much difficulty and given them 5000/- for his last rites...His mother said "ee voter ki basti naahi hai..eehan kon aabega (This is not a voters community..why wud any major party leader shud come)
This has been reported by Hindi Media Dainik Jagran and not English media like TOI,HT..Media is also biased

Why congress has removed POTA ? so that they can harness minority votes and thats what Mulayam and Amar Singh etc are doing..appease minority..who is no longer a minority (25% is the count roughly) What is Raj Thackrey doing in Mumbai ?? Divinding the country...If all Indians become one ..then who will take kare of these BS politicians ..

Thats what they have learned frm British....Divide and Rule . Divide ppl on basis of religion,caste,sex..Make reservation for certain castes, remove POTA for benefit of minority,Divide ppl on the basis of Marathi vs Rest of India, Dont make a common law for each citizen (punish one indian for doing second marriage w/0 divorce and dont do anything for another if he marries four times),dont kill the terrorits..wait for some of their terrorist frnd for kidnapping some indian plane etc and then exchange them etc etc etc ...

What min qualifications a politician shud have ? Why he is not demoted if he is not doing his work ? Why there are no status meetings , no deadline for doing development work ? Why he doesnt give interview to hold the job he is not doing ? Why he is not fired for his inefficiency ? BECAUSE they are the law, they make it,they break it....with their own ease ..........

This is not a Independent India for which Netaji and Bhagat Singh etc had given their lives :(

Until unless common man or Indian army, navy and air force takes a solid decision against these BS MLAs and MPs..our country is and will remain a country of Dogs !


In the zone
the lackadaisical attitide of the government is the root cause. Please Mr.Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi , watch "A Wednesday". Very soon, if you people dont take action, the common man will.

Bring back POTA. Dont show these terrorists any mercy. They dont deserve any human rights. Simply hang them. Just to please the minority community, the government isnt taking serious action.

And well said esumitkumar. We need a dictator, not democracy.


Broken In
its a total failure of governemt, they dont care about common peoples life or death... daily one is killed and we r doing what???


Call me Sumit
Thanks apporva84..we all educated ppl know what we need..But can anyone suggest wat as a common individual we can do ? to avert such tragedies ?


A LOTR fan
oh comeon , you guys need to understand , govt don't have time for all these silly issues, they are looking for nuclear deals and stuffs like that.
they are concentrated on what's happening outside.


Slideshow Bob
Yes, we need a dictator because democratically elected representatives are s*it. They only enter politics to earn enough for the next seven generations of their family. They don't give a f*** about the country or the common man. In fact they are not much worse than these terrorists. Both are peas from the same pod. :mad:


world is evil
this is a burning issue.Nuclear reactors and uranium can wait. Whats the use of nuclear power plants and nuclear missile warheads if our homeland security is in chaos?

wake up money minting useless lecturing politicians...wake up and see whats happening around you..

BTW, the death toll has risen to 4
more here:http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...al_blasts_rip_Tripura/articleshow/3550593.cms

I think his remark was sarcastic

On topic, well this indicates a total collapse of our intelligence,police etc. The government has also been a complete failure in this regard atleast.
Utter disappointment :(


Somebody stop me...
f**k these mo**erf**ker a**holes....
they are on the sprees as they think nothing is gonne stop that and actully it is right..
because of f**cking system... India need something strong now to kick those *******s..
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