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i am using winxpsp2...before this i was using xpsp1 and initially just i understand there is a component in winxp called QoS...although i am not much aware of what it is for, but i guess it has something to do with monitoring services & its installed by default ( i may be wrong) would be nice if somebody can give me some info on this...

also, i use a dialup connection for net...and remembering back 2 yrs, there was an article in Digit March 2002 on windowsXp (tips and tricks on xp)( i still have that issue of Digit :) ) in which it was suggested that QoS reserves 20% bandwidth for itself even in disabled state and thus xp appear somewhat slow for dialup it was suggested that in order to remove this quota one can use "gpedit" utility in xp pro, enable this and then make the value to "0" which is "20%" by default...i have been doing it ever since & notice slightly better performance in net speed...BUT since i have installed xpsp2 (installed xpsp2 after formatting & doing a slipstream) , i did the same and i infact feel speed little bit decreasing...Has microsoft has done some changes in this respect of bandwidth reserves for QoS in sp2 as compared to sp1/xp? or is it same as before?...

PLEASE SUGGEST WHETHER I SHOULD KEEP QoS AT "Not Configured" OR "Enable it and reduce value to "0%" from "20%" OR just "Disable" it, so that i can get best performance out my internet speed...



QoS is not needed or used unless you are on a QoS enabled network.

The best thing you can do under XP, is to uninstall QoS for your connection:

1) Goto Network Connections
2) Right click on your dialup connection and goto properties
3) In the properties box, goto the "Networking" tab
4) In the list box in the networking tab, select QoS Packet Scheduler and click on uninstall.

This is the simplest, safest and most effective way to get rid of QoS (for that connection atleast)

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