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  1. praka123

    Azureus is officially Dead, Vuze Goes Social

    Read Complete article : http://torrentfreak.com/azureus-is-dead-vuze-goes-social-080616/ --------------------- time to move to deluge ?
  2. gary4gar

    Slow speeds with Azureus + Bsnl broadband

    have Bsnl broadband connection with Home 500 plan. On HTTP download i easily get around 217kBps but with torrent, its always around 120kBps:confused: Using Azureus Please tell what settings to use, for maximum speeds. Do not suggest utorrent, as i am on Linux
  3. rohan

    Why are my torrents so slow?

    I use Azureus.. and sometimes.. the torrents i run are so slow.. despite the no. of seeders and leechers there may be in the swarm. this one torrent i'm downloading.. has around 187 seeders and 1048 leechers.. inspite of that i'm getting speeds like 7kbps and stuff. Whereas sometimes.. even...
  4. NucleusKore

    Azureus and VLC crashing

    Hi I am having a peculiar problem of late. Both Azureus and VLC player do not open. All I get is the bouncing icon for some time and then nothing. I tried the following: 1. YaST->delete packages azureus, azureuslib-swt3-gtk2, and vlc 2. Delete the .vlc and .azureus folders form home and roots...
  5. Batistabomb

    Boost your torrent download speed

    Download 2 time the same torrent in 2 folders one Time with AZUREUS an other one with EXEEM with eXeem only you will see all the leechers of azureus take your file and give peanuts and you can not eject a bad seeder with azureus only the speed is ridiculous but you can eject the bad seeders (...
  6. D

    What is half open tcp?

    At my office pc we have a lan connection. when I am trying to download torrentfiles using a p2p client software like bitcomet or azureus it is showing half open tcp connection. Otherwise I can access any site from my machine. How to deal with this?
  7. rollcage

    What is UseNeXT? is it better than Azureus?

    What is UseNeXT? - http://www.usenext.de/index.cfm?TD=393858 is it better than Azureus? Kya hai ye, Don't mind if already discussed her, couldn't find it in search Regards
  8. R

    Azureus giving problems:Bad Header

    Whenever i try to download anything from Azureus it shows some error message saying the file could not be opened Bad Header.... blah blah.. any suggestion on how i can get rid of that??? i think reinstalling it would work.. but not tried it... if it works i'll post it here..
  9. T

    NAT error with Azureus!

    Hi friends! I have taken this new broadband internet connection and i am using azureus for torrenting. Azureus was working fine with the previous internet connection where they gave real IP address. In the new connection the downloads are dead slow and sometimes not happening at all and azureus...
  10. R

    OS(XP Home) Crashing on using Azureus

    guyz plz help me... when ever i open Azureus the OS crashes .... the blue screen of doom is shown and the OS crashes...and i forgot to tell it never happened before... i've been usin azureus for the last 1.5 years but it never happened before....
  11. BBThumbHealer

    Azureus At Startup

    hey buddies... i wanna start up azureus when my windows startup ...but i unable to c any such option in the interface options of azureus... so how can we do that ? Azureus v2.4 :eek: Thnx BlackBerry7100g.
  12. M

    Opera to Azeurus ?

    I'm D/l a movie from torrent through the default bittorrent client in opera. The problem is that the d/ling is slow. After completing 70% (ie the status presently) can I migrate from opera to azureus with that 70% intact & resume the rest 30% in Azureus?
  13. L

    azureus error notification disable

    Hi, Is there anyways to disable to this Azureus error notification which pops up every minute coz i have my ISP firewalled my conx and that it cudnt establish conx with the incoming tcp port. it is so annoying, it pops out every 2 mins or 1 min!!! ghrrrrrrrrr if there is a way, pls suggest...
  14. morpheusv6

    Azureus bandwidth choking

    I run Azureus 2.5 with the latest java platform and am a BSNL Home 500 subscriber. Azureus always limits my download speed to either 20K /28K/36K and the upload sped 1/4th of that. This leads to a wastage of bandwith (2 Mbps or 256 KBps). Ever after I change the speeds in the options panel...
  15. nishant_nms

    Comodo Firewall

    After many isscusions on this forum I had opted for Comodo firewall and atlast I stoped using Windows firewall. Now I am facing a problem I am not able to use Azureus efficiently after installing it. It tells that it is NAT is firewalled. Then I tried the NAT test and it gave error. Now plz help...
  16. apoorv.sharma

    Recover lost download in Azureus

    I was downloading a 1.2 G file using Azureus, which was 90% already done !...unfortunately something's wrong with my UPS, so the computer shut down improperly as soon as the power went. Upon restarting the computer and then Azureus subsequently, I was shown some errors and taken through the...
  17. aryayush

    Azureus halting downloads at 90+ percent.

    Hello! :) I use Azureus for downloading torrents. I always ensure that my ratio is 1:1 or higher. Lately, I've been facing a bit of a trouble with my downloads. Torrents which have a high number of seeders and leechers download at a good constant speed and do not upload at all. Then, when the...
  18. Maverick340

    Ubuntu Dapper ( 6.06 ) | vs.| Ubuntu Edgy (6.10)

    Well i have Ubuntu 6.06 (alternate install CD ) and i was not very pleased with its support for AMD(with nforce 4 mobo ) First it dosent support 6ch sound (amaroK , XMMS , Rythmbox ) and playing DivX and Xvid was buggy . Azureus did not work and i could not write to NTFS partition ( WinXP...
  19. baccilus

    2 to 8 on Dataone!!

    Not sure if this has been asked before. How can i configure azureus to run from 2 to 8 to save the download limit?
  20. P

    azureus problem

    while i was downloading a file in azureus, when it reached 73% it displayed "Error data file length too large (97439573>9809808)[Destination]" what does this mean?? After showing this , it stopped downloading, how can i re download ? help
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