1. Harveyy

    Availability of Intel's Pentium G4560?

    Hi there community members , i was looking to build a budget gaming pc around 30k and pentium g4560 seems to be right choice but the thing is that i cant find it online with a decent price, all the listings are either priced very high (2-3x the actual price) or are out of stock . I have also...
  2. ico

    ASRock motherboards for Ryzen - India availability.

    Apparently ASRock has the best motherboards for Ryzen. And, from what I see, they aren't available anywhere in India. Why is it so?
  3. TechnoBOY

    checking 3g availability in my are via mobile

    checking 3g availability in YOUR AREA Is there any way to check availability of 3g network in my area via mobile of various cell providers
  4. Y

    Are there any AMD build experts here?, doing a AMD kaveri build need your advice

    1) CPU - AMD Kaveri (in the process of importing) In the meantime I can borrow a Richland from a friend to test my setup, ;-) 2) Motherboard - A88X Need a decent model with lots of sata3 & USB3, I want to buy locally(for the purpose of warranty repairs if needed) Does...
  5. Pravas

    Looking for Nokia 808 Pure View

    Hi everyone, is it possible to get the Nokia 808 pure view? New or Used. I'm in Chennai. I would like to know the price and availability. Thanks
  6. bssunilreddy

    Corsair Graphite 230T Cabinet & Corsair RM550 PSU prices & availability in India?

    Hai, I want to know Corsair Graphite 230T Cabinet & Corsair RM550 PSU prices & availability in India? Can anyone provide any specific details as where to get these products from in India?
  7. Death_Knight

    NEXUS 7 (2012): to buy now or wait?

    Dad needs a tablet primarily for web surfing (via wifi), listening music, watching videos & movies, occasional reading. With a budget of 10K, I suggested Samsung Tab 2 P3110... but it's already out of stock everywhere. Now I stumbled upon the Amazon.in price of Nexus 7 16gb at 11,999. I've...
  8. kg11sgbg

    Availability of AMD Llano A8 APU based Laptops

    It seems ,there are no presence or availability of AMD Llano A8-35xx APU series based Laptops/Notebooks in India.:evil::cry: Is this done deliberately? Or are we the end countries to receive those laptop models,after 1year or so they are launched? Any idea or news, Friends?:!:
  9. S

    NZXT Guardian 921 availability

    Guys, I'm buying this cabinet in mid December. I've got 2 cities to choose from, - Mumbai and Delhi. Can anyone give me the addresses of the shops and their price and availability of this cabinet. In Delhi, I couldn't find any shop that sells any NZXT product in Nehru Place. I've yet to...
  10. X

    Help guys,watz better laptop for 45000?

    Requirements: Low weight Good service center availability Any of hp,dell or sony vaio brands good look
  11. bssunilreddy

    Best 22" Full HD LED Monitor under INR.8200

    Hi, I want to know the prices of the best 22" Full HD LED Monitor and its availability offline as well as online. Thanks.
  12. newway01

    PS2 or Xbox360 - Which one you pick?

    Hi guys, which of these consoles you will go with? Playstation 2 or XBox360? I'm not talking about PS3. Just the pretty old PS2. Comparing graphics and availability of games, Xbox tops it? Reason I'm asking is because , I wanna buy one of these..A Modded PS2 is available for 2600rs and...
  13. nims11

    20 years of LINUX

  14. saz

    Info Regarding Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H (rev. 3.1) availability

    Hi All, I just wanted to check the availability if any one has any info about Rev. 3.1 (the one having black colored socket) of GA-880GA-UD3H in Nehru Place. As per gigabyte website it would be having AM3+ socket which I suppose would be future proof as it would be supporting new 32nm...
  15. Psychosocial

    Wave 2 or Defy ?

    Budget = 20k or less. Can't expand more. 20k's the limit. Need = Big ass screen with a nice resolution. OS is not a strict factor. Also... how is the availability of Motorola Defy ?
  16. Artemis

    Office PC for around 15k

    Need a computer for Office use, use will be Internet surfing, Excel and Billing. Budget around 15k. Though lower is better! Need all components from Procc. to the Mouse. Wont be needing a UPS. I'm in Ahmedabad so availability of specific products may be an issue, so please stick to...
  17. veddotcom

    Wanna buy This Laptop but...

    Here it is...Compaq Presario CQ42-176TX The problem is this product is not Available in my city (bhopal). And i m also not sure of Availability in Delhi. Guys Suggest me some alternatives Budget is 40K and Graphics 512MB atleast. If you guys have any idea of availability of this in Delhi...do...
  18. maverick786us

    Good Case

    I want to buy CP 408 for my N900. Can someone tell me its availability and MRP in delhi??
  19. S

    Need help regarding microworkstation

    Hi Guys!! Well am into Cyber Cafe business, and thinking of expanding the no. of pcs. One of my friends has told me that there is something which has a single cpu and 5-8 user. Is easy on pockets and can perform my requirements without any hassles. Does nyone know what it really is...
  20. P

    How much it will cost for seagate SCSI 160GB

    Hello friends can any one tell me the availability and price of seagate scsi hard disk 160GB 15k rpm .
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