1. sam9s

    Paradigm Atom 7 Bookshelve speakers

    Selling my brand new paradigm atom 7. I hastily bought these, now I am planning to upgrade these to floorstands. Spk spcs below ... full one-year warrenty available. Speakers are at gurgaon at my friends place. If anyone wants to listen, need to go to Gurgaon. I can provide the address. Price...
  2. Nishandh

    i-Nex as CPU-z sibling, in GNU-Linux arena.

    i-Nex - A CPU-Z Hardware Stat Tool for Linux | OMG! Ubuntu! "I recently needed to check up on the capability of one of my ageing netbooks (chiefly to compare the Intel Atom within it to the CPU of an early Samsung Chromebook). To aid me I turned to an app similar in design and aim as the...
  3. kool

    ►►►► Nexus 7 (2012) vs Dell Venue 7 (2014) [Price: Rs.11k]

    Guys, I am planning from long time to buy NEXUS 7 16/32 GB (2012) for Rs.10k-11k from flipkart. But suddenly this new news is stopping me that Dell Venue 7 is coming to India for Rs.11k only. The Dell Venue 7 is with a 7 inch capacitive touch screen supporting 1200×800 pixels resolution. As...
  4. davinder

    Need suggestion for building Intel Atom based PC

    Need suggestion for building Intel Atom or AMD Sempron based MiniTX PC I want to build Intel Atom or AMD Sempron based MiniTX PC So i need suggestions from guys who have build a mini PC before or are looking to buy a mini PC themselves. something like the intel NUC but cheaper. Is it...
  5. Skyh3ck

    Netbook Processor Chart

    hi i have come across the following chart from one of the site, it is correct for a netbook. as per the list the AMD E350 is on top, is it good for a netbook, can it handle a little bit of sims 3 gaming and HD videos, if not i will go for a 14" or 13" inch laptop with beter process, or does PDC...
  6. evilmage93

    Intel Atom Processor - Not for gaming?

    I have a query. 2 yrs ago, I bought a Netbook which is Acer Aspire One D255. Like other netbooks, it sport an Atom Processor N450 1.66Ghz along with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 3150 . Now while going through the minimum requirement of Call Of Duty 4 game, which requires Pentium 4...
  7. S

    Suggest me whether I should go for NetBook or Notebook

    Hello, Friends I have already posted a similar thread in this site but unable to get satisfactory result :( So, thistime I am again puting the thread with more clear vision to my requirement. First thing, I need a laptop for mostly Browsing Purpose. But there is a doubt, I used to open a huge...
  8. S

    Need Suggestion for a notebook/netbook with good performance and battery back up

    Hello, I am new @ techenclave, I want your suggestions for purchasing a laptop(net/note book). 1) Budget (anything less than or around 20k) 2) Primary Usage : Web Surfing.. I am a damn mad for web browsing, and I used to open several (20+) tabs on a row, many times I compare different items...
  9. H

    Challenge: The cheapest Config

    This thread should not be taken seriously and only for fun. Build a CPU as cheap as possible, which should include just the following: Motherboard, Processor, RAM, HDD, PSU, Cabinet The configuration should run Windows 7 Basic and Office 2007. Yes, it's an office pc. Use Atom processors if that...
  10. P

    Graphics card for Intel atom D525mw

    Recently, I assembled my surfing / downloading machine around Intel atom D525MW. Intel® Desktop Board D525MW I want to play 720p or higher resloution content on this machine and looking for compatible, low power graphics card, absolutely no gaming. The board has one mini PCI-E slot and one...
  11. vickybat

    Intel's Medfield & Atom Z2460 SoC

    Intel has finally launched an Soc based on its latest penwell package that packs in a modified atom cpu codenamed "saltwell" and has tweaks for power and performance. Its gets a powerVR SGX 540 clocked @ 400mhz in the package which intel calls "medfield". The cpu performance is actually better...
  12. saz

    Intel Atom based iTX Kit

    Hi, Want to buy an Intel Atom based kit preferable DDR3 for my secondary download rig. If some one owns it and want to get rid of it...plz PM me I would prefer local deal. Thanks!
  13. C


    guys can you suggest me a netbook screen less than 10" with windows, with a processor better than atom. thanks
  14. vickybat

    Intel to Use PowerVR Graphics in New Atom CPU

    Finally amd zacate fusion platform will have competition. Intel is touting its atom successor cedarview to fuse with powerVR graphics core which does duty in arm based soc's in ipad2 and the yet to be launched NGP. It seems intel will have serious graphics horsepower over its earlier...
  15. R

    Notebook required....

    i am looking for a powerful processor but easily carry able notebook. i had the following options : HP Pavilion dm1z series HP Pavilion dm1 series Inspiron Mini 10 (1012) Netbook Inspiron Mini 10 (1018) Netbook Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ602 Atom family : Samsung NP-N150-JP01IN...
  16. Y

    Win7 or XP on Atom N455

    Which OS will perform better on Lenovo 10-3C netbook (Atom N455/ 2GB DDR3 / Intel WMA 3150)? XP PRO SP3 or WIN 7 Ultimate with Aero Peak disabled and visual settings for best performance.
  17. sukesh1090

    overclocking atom n450

    i want to overclock my acer aspire d260 which has atom n450 processor.lot of people have overclocked thier asus eee pc which has the same i know i can overclock mine but the problem is i don't know pll number and supported software.please help me.......................THANK YOU.
  18. V

    Help me in Building a Download Rig

    Hi... I want to build a download rig, just for downloading stuff. I can spent upto 9K on this rig. No Keyboard/Mouse, Monitor, UPS, DVD Drive etc. Needed. Please suggest me a configuration. Intel Atom or AMD will do. I also want a Wifi Receiver included in the config. Thank You
  19. V

    Help me in Building a Download Rig at 8K!

    Help me in Building a Download Rig at 8K-9K! Hi... I want to build a download rig, just for downloading stuff. I can spent upto 9K on this rig. No Keyboard/Mouse, Monitor, UPS, DVD Drive etc. Needed. Please suggest me a configuration. Intel Atom or AMD will do. I also want a Wifi Receiver...
  20. A

    Intel's Atom Vs Dual Core Vs Alternatives

    Intel Atom Vs ??? A Performance Balance Hi Folks, I am willing to assemble a new desktop computer, probably for the intensive programming apps I use on my current AMD Athlon64 3800+. I already got a spare monitor, a 1TB HDD (yes thats 1000GB, 7200RPM, Western Digital which was not compatable...
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