1. N

    (Que/Request?) PC Assembling Guide (for noobs/nerds alike)

    Is there a guide for assembling a PC? say for a noob or even a nerd? I'm sure there's always something that the other guy knows that we don't. The essentials of what, why, when and how to stuff. Pretty sure there might be people like me who would want to give it a try (blimey! I'm a pharmacist...
  2. P

    recommend a psu

    hi all, i have never assembled a desktop before, but have done my homework and taken some hints from this site and come up with this rig; I plan to order it all online. here is the rig i5 3470 MSI ZH77A-G41 Motherboard Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2 GB GDDR5 GV-N660OC-2GD Graphics Card...
  3. V

    Best Custom PC assembler in Bangalore ??

    Hi all, does anybody know good and knowledgeable PC assembler in Bangalore. I am getting my new gaming PC parts from different places, few from outside india also. Now I do not want to take a risk with these costly parts by assembling myself. So could anyone suggest a good place with...
  4. A

    assembling a laptop..?? huh?

    hey guys i have assembled my own PC like 5 times now.. been doing it since i was 9... but i never heard anyone every talk about assembling a laptop... so just wanted to know that is it not possible or very difficult to do it..?? Cos i was thinking of getting one for myself... i really loved...
  5. A

    pc assembled

    hiiiiiii there..... this amaan form mp.....bro!!! please help me out in my gaming pc assembling my budget is 60000.....
  6. T

    Assembling a new PC for 80k, Need hardware suggestions!

    I'm assembling a new PC for gfx designing and gaming. Budget is 80k. I'm looking for Core i7 rig with HD5850 gfx card. will be buying the rig from mumbai. Hardware Component: Monitor LCD/LED: 24'in Dell/Benq Processor: Core i7 920 D0 Motherboard: Gigabyte (X58A-UD5/UD7) or Any other...
  7. N

    "Artic Silver 5" for sale

    Hello Frnds, Artic Silver 5 one of the best thermal paste is here for sale. I have used only Twice....its of 3.5gm syringe pack Reason fr it is nt used regularly by me fr assembling the PC.. So who ever interstd cn contact me on mentioned mail-id or phn...
  8. O

    Assembling a CPU

    Assembling a CPU so wanted help regarding what is best for me I have a budget of around 10k I will not buy a GPU So please suggest some good configurations
  9. confused

    Doubt in assembling PC. Please HELP.......

    Hi guys, i am assembling my pc. all things are done except the CPU. i lowered the CPU directly, and the notches are definitely matching...... But the problem is that the load plate appears sloping, (ie not perfectly flat) when lowered overed the CPU. is this normal??? i am not confident enough...
  10. DD3030

    LCD Prices are coming down soon!!!!

    Hi all :p LCD prices are going to come down soon around 10% :p . Source: follow this link: * But then, I have bought ~50% components for my PC...
  11. mavihs

    Assembling My Own Rig

    i'm gonna be assembling a PC so need some advise & help here. i hope i've come 2 the right place. LOL! Buget is strictly Rs 20,000 in that i need a Processor, Motherboard, HDD, Cabanite, RAM, PSU. Processor - Dual Core with 64bit support. preffer AMD but Intel is also fine...
  12. techtronic

    Everything You Need To Know About The Screws Used on The PC

    When you buy a case for assembling a new PC it comes with several screws and other small components. Even seasoned technicians have trouble in telling what is the exact use of each screw that comes with the PC case. In this tutorial we will present a detailed explanation about all screws used on...
  13. dinesh_mettur

    suggest me a good pc for 25k

    am planning to buy a pc , my budegt is around 25k ,am an enginnering student. i uses this pc for ms office , surfing the net , moderate gaming ... so pls suggest me a good config , my pc should be ready for vista so suggest me a latest config below 25k should i go for assembling or...
  14. S

    Need Tips on assembling processor on mobo..

    Need info on coolants used, etc etc.... Any special care that must be taken while assembling a Proessor on mobo ?
  15. T

    assembling super gaming rig:help needed

    yo people! i'm an assembling a gaming rig with a total budget of $ other resources are: i)access to nearly every computer part in the world ii)pretty low prices so you can add an extra 10k to my budget,monitor is of high importance kindly reply
  16. S

    Please Advise for Assembling New PC

    I am assembling the following config. with on-board graphics - AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (Venice Core) MSI K8NGM2-FID OR ASUS A8N-VM CSM (Confuse) 2*512 MB Transcend OR Hynix RAM (Confuse) 250 GB SATA WD Caviar SE16 17" Samsung SyncMaster 793S Sony DRU-820A OR LiteOn SHW-16H5S Lightscribe...
  17. D

    Assembling a New PC Please Advise!

    I am assembling the following config- AMD 3200+ and ASUS A8N-E Motherboard -Rs 14200 2*512 MB Simmtronics RAM -Rs 4300 160 GB SATA HDD -Rs 3750 17" Samsung Flat Monitor-Rs 6400 Sony DVD Writer-Rs 2600 Quantum ATX Cabinet with 450 W SMPS -Rs 1400 Logitech Keyboard and Mouse-Rs 900 XF...
  18. cooldip10

    Sound Magic

    I'm planning to add a 5.1 speaker system to my desktop. My mobo (Intel 845GV) has AC97 onboard sound card which supports 5.1 systems. But recently i found that assembling a speaker system will cost you much lower than that for buying a ready-made one.. My father told me assembling it will...
  19. T

    Pc restarting frequently

    I assembled a pc recently with following config. AMD athlon 64bit 2800+ with MSI motherboard 512 ddr 400MHz ram 80 gb hdd (old used one) Now my pc is restarting frequently with only error message appearing tht your pc has recovered from serious error. There is no blue screen or something...
  20. Ankur Gupta

    Help me in assembling a Dual-core Machine

    Can u plz help me in assembling a new dual-core rig(only CPU) suggesting me the prices and specs?i am open 2 both AMD and Intel options so wat do u think is the better option right now?also how much are the prices expected 2 fall in the next 3 months?please quote the prices of the components u...
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