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  1. rhyansy

    2014 GosuGamers presents MSI Beat It GosuCup Asia

    014 GosuGamers presents MSI Beat It GosuCup Asia GosuGamers in collaboration with MSI is proud to announce the return of our series of GosuCups. MSI Beat It GosuCup Asia will cater to teams who are willing to compete in a competitive atmosphere in Asia. Prizes to be won: (1) 1st place ...
  2. H

    SCEA and SCEJ have been dissolved today. (Not joking)

    The Japanese release Google Translated version They are being replaced by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia.
  3. KDroid

    Starving North Koreans eating own kids, corpses

  4. aroraanant

    Motorola shuts down operations in Asia Pacific

    BGR India is reporting that Motorola Mobility will be shutting down operations in the Asia Pacific region, except in Australia and Korea. This decision was made after Motorola laid off 20 percent of its work force and decided to shrink its operations in Asian countries. It is being said that...
  5. I

    Which card to buy from South East Asia?

    Hey guys, my brother is going on a trip to S-E Asia, particularly Thailand, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Malasia ,etc. Now I needed a new graphics card for my PC and decided to ask him to bring it from there. Now my question is, should I buy it from there as I heard that they come very cheap there or...
  6. A_ashish_A

    Online dilemma

    I ve got soul caliber V ...but I m unable to play it online globally. Menu shows for regions that are north and south america, europe, asia and japan...but I'm only able to join japan...whereas other regions fail to connect..even asia :( so can anyone tell me what's the problem according to...
  7. soumo27

    The Speak Asia money trail

    Moneylife investigation reveals that the mysterious trail of Speak Asia runs through several India companies and the money is being remitted to purchase 'survey software' from a company linked to the shadowy promoters Some new, worrying details about Speak Asia, the flashy survey company that...
  8. vamsi_krishna

    Gamespot comes to Asia!

    We all know gamespot.com. Gamespot previously extended it's reach from USA only to Australian(au.gamespot.com) and United Kingdom(uk.gamespot.com). Now, it extended to our very own Asia(asia.gamespot.com) So, from now on contents we see in the default page will only be related to the...
  9. iinfi

    ONGC largest deployer of Windows Vista in Asia

    ONGC largest deployer of Windows Vista in Asia no wonder ongc shares r going down. i had bought it whn it was @ 983
  10. Pathik

    Bharti Airtel Participates in a Consortium with International Companies

    Bharti Airtel, India’s leading telecom services provider, has executed an agreement with five leading international companies to build a high-bandwidth undersea fiber-optic cable linking Asia and the United States. The construction of the new cable system will provide the much needed capacity to...
  11. aryayush

    Opinion column: Why doth thou ignore Asia, O mighty Apple?

    Opinion column: Why doth thou ignore Asia, O mighty Apple? Posted Jan. 23, ’08, 12:00 PM PT by Aayush Arya Right off the top, I’ll tell you that this is opinion column is related to Apple’s presence in Asia, or specifically the lack thereof, and the attitude of Indian customers towards the...
  12. N

    Hello Thinkers!!!

    Hello to all the members of thinkdigit. Nice to be a part of such an active forum from Asia. :)
  13. R


    I had a query abt the regional settings of dvds. what is the recommended setting so that all the dvds available here can be played? I bought a Starwars Ep 3 DVD and it only supports Region 3: SE Asia. i thought thats the region i'm in so i said ok. Recently bought a "Harry potter...
  14. liquid_nitrogen88


    O2 Asia launches Xda II Mini,the smallest PDA in the market right now... http://www.msmobiles.com/news.php/3389.html
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