1. spironox

    calling all techies LINUX,MAC,WINDOWS ETC

    dear friends as usual i am on a process of doing some idiotically insane project and this time its putting up a 4kms Diameter wifi zone !! i did the wiki search...did googling .. and yeah seached the forum but no bang on the point answers calling all the tech heads of LINUX,MAC,WINDOWS,ETC...
  2. pritish_kul2

    A paint trick

    Sorry if has been posted previously. 1>Open Paint 2>Select Air brush. Fill two three colours in a small area 3>Select free form select and select the area whjere you have put the colours from air brush 4>Press shift, and move ur mouse keeping shift pressed See the effect Source : My own discovery
  3. A

    Little Prblms, Notification Area

    Hi I face a little absurd problem. I have a lot of icons in notification area of taskbar in Win XP Pro on my laptop like various network icons,battery,bluetooth etc etc. I right click the taskbar and there in properties i go to customize in Notification area tab and Make most of the items...
  4. midhunmon

    BugerKing and BestBuy area: HELP

    Where is the BugerKing and BestBuy area in "NFS Underground 2 " where u can find a parking lot with an opponent for an outrun race. I find a lot of smilar areas, but no parking lot. Can anyone knows it and post a screenshot of the area.
  5. satyamy

    How to Access PC remotely......?

    I have a Sify Internet Connection & my friend has a MTNL Broadband net connection we both live in different area but in same city Can i access his PC from my home ? If yes how can I...? Pls tell me...............
  6. abhishek_sharma all these cell jargons...need help!!

    i used to have a lg rd2030 reliace mobile phone, an antique piece by tech was just a no-frills phone that let u talk.... now i'm getting myself a SE K800i, which has features like Email and web browser access among other things.... specs here...
  7. desh2s

    Plannin to buy N95

    Guys, I am planning to buy nokia N95. I need your suggestions regarding my purchase. I dont have any specific requirements just I need performance in every area.
  8. V

    ISDN - Is it a worthy option ?

    One of my friends who is living in a rural area plans to take the BSNL ISDN connection since broadband/cable internet option is not available in that region and also since it's a remote area, the Broadband availability is still a distant dream for atleast 5 years. So is ISDN a viable option now...
  9. sude

    Around which date u receive ur diGit issue every month???

    dear users, i have been reading digit for 8 years but subscribed o it just 2 month's back... i am really disappointed with the late in delivery of the diGit issue month after month... i stay in Bhoopasandra, Bangalore. i am yet to receive my feb issue and today is 8th. are you...
  10. M

    TataIndicom-Vsnl's Update on speed on Uncapped line

    hi every one here This is an info i got from a person working in vsnl broadband network. and it seems they gonna offer 2mbps to all existing 256kbps connection and it seems they gonna offer 1-1.5 mbps to uncapped lines too i guess. and it seems there has been a new plan launched by them...
  11. blueshift

    Network area not showin'

    I own SE W300i. Are there any settings to display the network area I am in? I ve Airtel postpaid connection.
  12. S

    Sugget a phone

    Hello Friends, I am looking for Good phone with Good CAM/MP3/FM/Loud Ringtone (avoid to miss calls in Noisy Area) budget is up to 12000/- Flap phone will do!
  13. GeekyBoy

    Page Fault In Nonpaged Area

    Although very few, I sometimes get this BSOD PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA indicating win32k.sys. How can i get rid of this error
  14. S

    Help me choose one among the following DVD Burners

    Hi guys, This is my first post.....I previously had a SAMSUNG stupid drive...lens gone and stepper motor also i have planned to buy a new one.I enquired shops in my area and most of them have one among the following.Please tell me which one to buy 1.BenQ DW 1670 2.LG...
  15. sabret00the

    How Does Wireless Work?

    Wireless technology works much the same way a mobile phone works: airwaves, instead of wires, are used to carry data from one point to another. A computer with a properly installed wireless network adapter can communicate with another similarly configured computer or other wireless device, such...
  16. linardni

    Internet thru Reliance good?

    I am from an area where BSNL dial up connection was the only way of accessing internet till date. Very recently Reliance Hello phone entered our area. They are telling that teh connection costs around Rs.3700/-, monthly rental plan may be opted for Rs.125/- or more. Rate of internet is Rs.30/-...
  17. Sukhdeep Singh

    Looking for Perfect Conf. for Core 2

    Hi Guys, I gonna buy a new PC in just a few days when my exams Finish :P. Here is what i am looking for. By Budget is around 45000. I am not sure of the Prices and availability in my Area but i am just thinking of the following. Maybe you guys can help me more :) I have listed some of the...
  18. Z

    Their is no local area connection after i format my computer, help

    i formatted my computer today because of viruses, i did all the steps of the setup and i try to access the internet but to no avail. I noticed the little computer icon in the tool bar (local area connection) wasnt there. So i went to the network connections in control pannel and unlike my...
  19. V

    AD Rotation in ASP.Net

    Hai, Can any one help me how to place a ad rotation is { chaning the multiple banners in same area afer particular time.} please give me clear coding. thanx for support VUTTU
  20. eagle_y2j

    Change your ip in less than 1 min.!!!

    Change your ip in less than 1 min.!!!(not kidding) Change Your Ip In Less Then 1 Minute in a windows system{written wrt to win XP} 1. Click on "Start" in the bottom left hand corner of screen 2. Click on "Run" 3. Type in "command" and hit ok You should now be at an MSDOS prompt...
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