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confused...by all these cell jargons...need help!!

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i used to have a lg rd2030 reliace mobile phone, an antique piece by tech standards....it was just a no-frills phone that let u talk....
now i'm getting myself a SE K800i, which has features like Email and web browser access among other things....

specs here:

now i'm confused as to how to use these stuff....like how can i surf the internet on the go...or how can i read mails from my gmail account on the cellphone..??
can it only open wap sites or any normal sites also?

i've heard that i would need to activate gprs to use these kinds of services...??

also please suggest the cheapest gprs service provider for prepaid...airtel or bsnl?
dont name hutch or orange, because they dont serve in my area (jamshedpur)
other providers in my area are reliance, and aircel....

i have good knowledge when it comes to computers.....but i am a dumbo as far as cellphones go....so please help :)


K800i has a built-in email client. All you have to do is enter the email settings in the phone that you get from your service provider. Same is the case with gprs. The phone is built-in Netfront browser which can browse web as well as wap sites.
For gprs i'll suggest airtel since i use it and its very good.
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