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Hi Guys,

I hope you people allow me to post this as I think Digit's community is the strongest place and I can reach out to the majority of talented gamers through this channel.

We run a very popular gaming website and are looking for Indian writers. I wouldn't be naming it here since I don't want to use this for promoting the website. However, I want anyone who's interested in writing about videogames to contact me.

You can expect a lot of things from this opportunity including money (yes, we'll pay you!). But, keep in mind that you must have some time to invest since this is a paid position and also there are various other incentives involved.

Here's what you can expect from us

Review Copies - You'll get the review copies, sometimes even before the game releases, from us. Expect review copies of almost all upcoming titles. You can keep them with you. Considering how expensive console games are, it'll be a great chance of people who has a knack for writing reviews to play the game, aswell as voice their opinion about it which would be read by thousands of readers.

Attending Events: if you're based in Mumbai, you'll get invitations to any gaming event that takes place in the city. The same goes for people residing in other cities if there's a event in it.

Working in a professional environment: Working with us will let you get an idea about how a successful gaming media website operates and give you a front row view of our everyday workings.

Payment: On top of everything else, you'll be paid! That's right, although don't expect the payment to be amazing, but you'll be paid enough to keep you motivated.

Now, don't expect all this to come easy, only apply if you're passionate about gaming and want to work and and write about them on a regular basis.

Here's what we expect from you.

Be punctual and stick to your deadlines.

Do atleast 3 news stories everyday (Mon-Friday)

Adhere to review deadlines.

Not be afraid to conduct interviews, and come up with interesting feature articles.

Be a gamer. Don't apply for the review copies or the money, only apply if you want to do this and always wanted the right opportunity.

How to apply:

Provide a resume, stating if you've had any previous writing experience.

Write in about 100 words as to why you want to do this.

Provide your full contact details

Just send me a private message here in the forums and we'll take it from there.

That's it. Hope to see some great applications. :p


Try asking in HackerNews/Reddit too. I don't think you'll find many quality writers (no offence) here.


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Try asking in HackerNews/Reddit too. I don't think you'll find many quality writers (no offence) here.

Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. However, I'm looking for Indian writers and also I think Digit's has some of the brightest minds on the internet and I've all the reasons to believe that I might find what I'm looking for by posting here. I've been a reader and visitor of the forums myself for years now, and have seen many people taking part in healthy gaming discussions.

Thanks for the feedback though. Cheers!
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